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Summary of vol. 38

Hi everyone! :)

Like the previous one, this volume is also very sad. It's time for the last battle with Nobunaga!

Here you are!


MoB vol. 38 (Ashura no Maegami / The Forelock of Ashura)

There is devastation at the parking area of Ise shrine. Kikkawa Motoharu, Hakkai and Maki were killed by Nobunaga's hakonha. Shigeno Kaoru rushes to hold Akechi Mitsuhide, who seems to be alive, but something terrible has happened to him. He's in psychosis. No one knows what did Nobunaga do to him under the asphalt where they both sank due to the spell. It's also mystery why Nobunaga pulled Mitsuhide back to the surface too as he escaped from their 'asphalt grave'. Ushio is grieving the loss of their friends. Miike Tetsuya tries to call Takaya's name, but nothing.

Suddenly, Katou Kiyomasa, who is laying on Ushio's arm, whispers with hoarse voice: "Kagetora... is alive..." Ushio surprises. Kiyomasa is alive! He didn't die! Tetsuya rushes there.

Te: "Nezu! Hey, hang in there! It's me! Nezu!"

After seeing Tetsuya's face Kiyomasa smiles a bit and asks if this is Aso. In Karin arc they helped and fought together with Takaya against Nobunaga. They haven't seen each other after that. Kiyomasa apologizes being not able to stop Nobunaga and asks then Ushio to go after him. They have to stop Nobunaga before he replace Amaterasu by himself. Kiyomasa gives his bamboo sword to Ushio and his spear to Tetsuya. He promises to follow the others soon. Before they leave Ushio asks if Kada Reijirou is coming with them. Reijirou is looking down at Maki's corpse with serious eyes. Maki was his right hand, the most trustworthy subordinate he ever had. Like Nakagawa, Hayato, Eikichi, Narasaki, Satta, Kusama... Now Maki is gone too. Revengeful Reijirou will join with Ushio and Tetsuya.

On the stairs that are leading to the Illusion shrine of Ise shrine, Nobunaga and Naoe are facing each other. Nobunaga proposed to use his hakonha on Naoe if he helps him to finish spelling. However, Naoe can also try fighting against him in order to get the sword of Futsu for saving Takaya. If Naoe loses, Nobunaga will finish him right away. No matter which one Naoe chooses, the result will be hakonha, dying in the same way as Takaya will die soon if his soul isn't cured from soul demise. Some Naoe's thoughts from p. 16:


Na: ('The endless cycle of transmigration. There is no way to break it.')

However, this man can do it.

He's the only one.

Nobunaga wearing imperial court clothing looks up to him from the understairs. 

Naoe stepped down one step. 

Na: ('This man can grant me proper death.')

This is the same place as that 'Ise' in my illusion. I saw how all plants had died and the land had turned into sand, everything was ruined. I saw the world without Uesugi Kagetora with my own eyes. If I can die together with Kagetora, I don't mind when I die. At the ruins of Ise shrine, I understood it was the thing I wished the most. I think it's the best way to live till out last breath. I'm going to unleash me from the fear of leaving alone. That man standing in front of me is holding the keys of these chains. When he dies, I will follow him.


Naoe thinks that it's also possible to save Kagetora if he wins. However, it's just a legend that the sword of Futsu can really save from the death. It's so ironical, that Nobunaga, their main enemy, is after all the only one who can save them. Suddenly Takaya's illusion appears behind Nobunaga. Takaya himself is still unconscious and laying on Morishita's arms. Takaya's illusion is looking directly at Naoe's eyes, demanding Naoe to remember why he is doing this. Naoe is a bit shocked. Quaint-Twilight has translated their dialogue! You can find it here: . Nobunaga feels weird as seeing Naoe talking by himself. He can't see or feel Takaya's illusion behind him. Naoe recognizes that it doesn't make any sense to make Takaya sad now in order to avoid own anxiety in the future. He remembers that earlier he vowed this oath for being happy with him in the future. If he makes mistake now, everything will be ruined. Then the illusion changes to Naoe himself. The illusion Naoe asks if Naoe is going to run away. Didn't he want to find the strength for facing 'that moment'? The illusion also explains that as long as Naoe stays as Naoe Nobutsuna, Uesugi Kagetora won't die. As long as his memories of him exists, Kagetora will always be with him. Like in 'Ise' he saw in Miroku's space-time, Naoe's feelings for Kagetora didn't die. As the tears start to flow from Naoe's eyes, his own illusion says that he can still make Kagetora happy. He can offer him peaceful death, but Nobunaga isn't a person to whom Naoe should rely on. Nobunaga demands answer, and to that Naoe answers as preparing for attack. He won't follow Nobunaga's orders anymore even if he has the seed of Demon King. He has decided to fight against this man who threatens Kagetora's, the man Naoe loves the most in this world, life. Naoe remembers that he sacrificed everything for getting the sword of Futsu. That's why he's standing there and wearing Ise guard's uniform. He can't let everything be for nothing!

*some plot thing happening here*

Haruie inside of Takaya's body begs desperately Kagetora to kill or exorcise her. Even if his body is unconscious Kagetora's mind is there and tries to calm down hysterical Haruie. He won't let her soul to escape outside of his body, because after that Haruie is in danger. Even if she is dangerous to Kagetora too, but he wants to keep her as far from Nobunaga as possible. Haruie cries that she doesn't want to hurt him anymore, this is enough. But Kagetora just says that he will protect Haruie no matter what.

H: ('Dummy Kagetora... You should just abandon me. I don't mind if I disappear for saving you. 200 years ago I just abandoned you. I called myself your best retainer, but even so I chose Shintarou-san and left you. You let me go, but I'm sure you thought I'm just a traitor. There shouldn't have been anything more important than you. Please, throw me away. Let me go. It's enough. I prefer giving up Shintarou-san rather than hurting you more. Release me with your hands. Don't let me hurt you anymore, Kagetora!')

But Kagetora won't let her go. He has decided that the thing 30 years go won't repeat anymore. He will protect Haruie, his family, the Red Whales and Naoe. He can hear Nobunaga's voice encouraging Naoe for a fierce battle. He feels extremely scared if Naoe faces Nobunaga alone. It's too dangerous!

T: ('Wait for me, Naoe. Don't do it alone. I'm coming too. Don't face Nobunaga alone. If you fight, we do it together...! Together, Naoe! You can't fight against him alone, Naoe!')


Next scene is about the netherworld. Rei is gathering gods together for opening the path back to real world. Isomura Teru keeps contact to Torigoe Takaya by text messages. Torigoe is the only one who can send messages to the netherworld. Reporter named Nagayo Takashi who also met Chiaki in Shikoku and interviewed Reijirou comes to see Torigoe. For his surprises Torigoe begs him to make interview about what he knows about Ougi Takaya and Yami Sengoku. He wants to tell the truth. Everyone needs to know what Yami Sengoku is and that Takaya is the victim here.

Naoe and Nobunaga start a fierce battle. Trees are collapsing, stairs are getting destroyed and Nobunaga's retainers are escaping since the battle is too furious. Nobunaga is enjoying seeing Naoe having troubles to attack and defense himself since Nobunaga can foresee all his movements that Naoe is planning to make via the seed of Demon King. Naoe's final trick is trying to disturbance Nobunaga's concision by blocking their connection. But after all Nobunaga is much stronger than Naoe. 

No: "This was fun. But now, it's game over for you." 

Nobunaga extends his hand. He's preparing for hakonha. However, Naoe doesn't show any fear or hesitation. He is for ready the last strike even if he loses his life. As Nobunaga attacks, Takaya forces his body with all his powers to move and lets Kihachi's power also overflow. Nobunaga's hakonha and Takaya/Kihachi's powers crushes, causing an explosion. When the dust falls down, Nobunaga can see heavily breathing Takaya sheltering Naoe and staring at Nobunaga with his ruby eyes. There are also two other men: Ushio and Reijirou. When Nobunaga used hakonha, they both counter-attacked protecting Takaya and Naoe. Ushio asks if Takaya is fine. He is, but feeling quite dizzy after using too much power at once... His soul demise is one step closer again... Reijirou is full of anger and he's ready for revenging his friends' death. Nobunaga says that he can still use Present Kuukai for making Shikoku to be the Hell. The death pilgrims will suffer... Is Reijirou ready for sacrificing them? Reijirou says that he doesn't care anymore. Revenging is his priority now. He won't get peace in his mind before killing Nobunaga by his own hands. Reijirou attacks furiously and cries Nobunaga to give Nakagawa back to him. 

R: "Give him back! GIVE HIM BAAAACK!!"

Reijirou cries desperately, tears are flowing from his eyes. Nobunaga easily defends all Reijirou's attacks. Ushio tries to help Reijirou, but Nobunaga hits him against the ground with a strong nenpa wave. Takaya can hear Nakagawa's voice inside of him crying Reijirou's name. He isn't alive anymore, but his feelings are still here. When Nobunaga is fully concentrate on 'playing' with Reijirou, Takaya manages to hit Nobunaga with one nenpa wave. It throws Nobunaga against tree and makes him unconscious. Then Takaya tries to calm down Reijirou and say that Nakagawa sacrificed his life so that Reijirou would keep living. If Reijirou dies, it's the end of the Red Whales. But Reijirou is like a demon who won't accept any other options than killing Nobunaga right here and right now. Takaya gently removes one Kannon Bodhisattva from his forehead and gives it to Reijirou saying that Nakagawa is here. As receiving the pieces of Nakagawa and Narasaki's souls, Reijirou feels that familiar warmth surrounding him. It's Nakagawa. He can still feel his existence.  Ushio comes to them and says that Reijirou isn't alone, he and Takaya are with him. Reijirou is speechless. Then, Nobunaga finally gets up and it's ready for finishing all of them. Takaya, Ushio and Reijirou attack, but Nobunaga is stronger. When Nobunaga is preparing hakonha again, there is a gunshot. In a pain Nobunaga kneels down on the ground. He got the shot. And the shooter was Shigeno Kaoru. Nobunaga feels shocked and heartbroken seeing Kaoru pointing him with a gun. Nobunaga asks if Kaoru has forgotten the voice he heard in Ooyunohara. With a sad voice Kaoru says that he hasn't, but there is something else he holds more grudge against than being drifted away as a Hiruko: he holds a grudge against Nobunaga for killing his family. Nobunaga also has a family, he should understand how Kaoru feels. Nobunaga says that when he performs kanshou on someone, he can feel and know all those emotions the host body had earlier. He knows more than better how Kaoru feels. Can Kaoru kill his own body? Nobunaga is using his body, so he's 'sharing' Shigeno Kaoru's life. Crying Kaoru shouts that he can't deal with the fact that Nobunaga murdered his family. After that Kaoru shoots again and this time the bullet hits Nobunaga's stomach. Nobunaga is suffering in pain and looks at Kaoru with sad eyes.

No: "Tsukasa..."

K: "I'm so sorry... Kaoru-sama..."


K: "But... that life you're having... it's my life..."

Kaoru points Nobunaga with the gun again. He has to stop his heart, it's still beating. The body, that belonged once to him, he has to kill it in order to stop Nobunaga. But before pulling the trigger Kaoru sees Nobunaga smiling slightly, coughing a lot blood and then fainting. The body is dying. Takaya gets ready: have to exorcise Nobunaga's soul when it comes out from Shiba Eiji's body! However, Nobunaga's soul is too strong and big, Takaya himself can't do anything. Naoe is still unconscious, so he can't help either. For their surprise Tetsuya rushes there with Kiyomasa's sword. Takaya orders him quickly to take the sword of Futsu and hit Nobunaga's soul with that. Tetsuya is also a descendant of a God, so he can use heavenly weapons. He attacks and Nobunaga's soul yells in pain, but manages to escape. The fighting scene ends here.      

Takaya wakes up in a Japanese style room. Ushio is there too. After the battle Takaya slept hours in a futon, Ushio watching over him from the bed next to him. Ushio cries seeing Takaya being fine.

U: "It's your fault I'm crying like a baby. But you see, I saved you as I promised. That we could meet again like this. I didn't let you die. And Shikoku is safe too.. "

They're both happy for being together again even if the situation seemed hopeless when Takaya was imprisoned to Azuchi castle. 

T: "Where is Naoe? Is he fine?!"

*Ushio smiles*

U: "Don't worry, he's sleeping in the second floor of neighbor building. He's alive."

Takaya feels super relieved. Naoe's is fine. They got him back from Nobunaga! Next Ushio rushes to the downstairs and comes soon back with a bowl of udon noodles. 

U: "You must be hungry! Here, have some Ise udon! Try it. You need it for recovering."

As Takaya is eating, they talk about the situation. Many clans are gathering to Ise. All troops are divided into two groups: Oda Nobunaga and Uesugi Kagetora. Reijirou is leading Uesugi Kagetora's allies. Oda's troops are having their military headquarter at the park in Mt. Kurata.

*some plot things happening here*

Takaya goes to see Naoe. He sits at Naoe's bedside, looking at older man's sleeping face. He caresses Naoe's hair and whispers his name quietly. Naoe's body is covered with many scars and bruises. Takaya is heartbroken. Naoe sacrificed his life for Takaya's sake. Again. He doesn't even remember how many times Naoe has done so. Next to Naoe's pillow there is a spiritual bracelet that Naoe gave earlier to Takaya. After Takaya lost it, Naoe found and wore it while serving Nobunaga. Relieved Takaya puts the bracelet back to his own left wrist. He got it back. Finally. Quietly Takaya moves his hand under the duvet and holds Naoe's hand.

T: ('How warm...')

He moves Naoe's hand gently on his cheek. As feeling Naoe's hand against his skin, tears start to flow from Takaya's eyes. He can't believe Naoe is here again. He already lost all his hope for being together like this anymore. Takaya can't express his feelings, too much love. As caressing the hand, Takaya place a kiss on the palm of Naoe's hand. He calls Naoe's name, again and again. Then, suddenly he feels Naoe grabbing back his hand.  

The following scene is sooo cute, so there is a short translation of it! :) Starting on p. 113:


T: "Naoe!"

As being called out, Naoe slowly opened his eyes that had been tightly closed. His reddish brown eyes were absently looking up to the ceiling.

T: "Naoe, can you recognize me? Naoe."

And then...

Naoe turned his gaze quietly to Takaya. A small smile came to his lips as seeing Takaya next to him. 

T: "Nao-"

N: "I saw... a dream."

It was silent and hoarse, but calm voice.

N: "In the dream I got off to the train station where you were waiting for me. You were there... on the platform that was covered by snow... Cold air surrounded us. You were wearing a white coat and... a white scarf..."

T: "Naoe..."

N: "You were waiting for me... And you looked a bit angry..."

T: "Naoe."

N: "I had missed my stop so I was late... You scolded me for that saying 'You're late! How did you miss your stop?!' Then you grabbed my hand and said 'Let's go'... "

Speaking was still difficult to Naoe but no matter what he wanted to tell about his dream to Takaya.

N: "Your cheek was cold but your hand was so warm..."

Naoe pulls astonished Takaya's hand towards his lips and kisses the back of hand just like Takaya did him a moment ago.

After a very long, long journey, he had finally returned to him.

N: "Your hand..."

As if trying to transfer Takaya's warmness into himself, Naoe placed Takaya's hand on his cheek. He was sent so far from Takaya, so that Naoe was very afraid of not being able to touch Takaya like this anymore.After experienced the bottomless grieve of losing Takaya, Naoe couldn't find anything so terrifying than that. It was the most fearful thing ever. But Takaya is alive. And he is there just in front of him. To Naoe this was enough. This is what the real happiness is. 

N: ('He is alive...')

The thing that broke space-time was... This hand. The feeling of this hand is exactly same. 


Naoe asks what happened to the sword of Futsu. Takaya tells they got and also explains what happened to Nobunaga. Naoe feels more than relieved. Then Takaya says that he will concentrate on curing his soul demise from now on. Naoe is speechless since this is the very first time Takaya is thinking about curing himself. Takaya with all his heart thanks Naoe for everything he has done for him. Takaya is getting up for going to the downstairs.

T: "You must be hungry. I bring you some udon noodles, okay? Can you eat?"

Naoe takes a grab on Takaya's hand and looks up to him begging gaze in his eyes. He wants Takaya to cut a tendon of his leg. Even if Nobunaga tries to the seed of Demon King, he can't do anything if Naoe's body is unable to move. He also wants more spiritual handcuffs for sealing his powers just in case. Takaya understands that Naoe is telling the truth, but he can't hurt Naoe's body in such a brutal way. 

N: "Lend me one sword. I don't ask anything else."

T: "...I got it. But you surely eat first. You have to storage energy."

Takaya gets up and walks to the door. He smiles warmly to Naoe and says that this area's noodles are delicious. Even a gourmet like Naoe will definitely love them. After that Naoe leaves alone as hearing Takaya's footsteps on the stair hall. 

After that Takaya goes to visit their headquarters at the community center. He meets Reijirou there. They talk about losing their friends. Takaya takes on the responsibility of Satta and Eikichi's death. However, even if Reijirou is grieving them, he has already forgiven Naoe and Ayako for exorcising them. Naoe did it for saving Takaya's life and Ayako was under Nobunaga's control. Takaya feels relief. And then he haltingly asks Reijirou's permission for using the sword of Futsu. Reijirou is positively surprised hearing that for the very first time Takaya wants to use the sword of Futsu for curing himself. Till now, he has just sacrificed himself again and again for everyone else's sake. If it cures soul demise, Takaya should definitely use it. Takaya thanks and heads for the Inner shrine of Ise. He wants to keep living. He wants to live together with Naoe from now on too. After Tetsuya hears about Takaya's plan, he wants to help him. Tetsuya's ancestor's father was Mikenu no Mikoto, Emperor Jimmu's brother. The sword of Futsu will follow Tetsuya's orders. Together they prepare for the ritual.

In the town of Ise, Yuzuru and the others are hunting the rest of Ooyunohara onryous. While Yuzuru eats souls, Chiaki uses exorcism. He performed kanshou on one university student. Houjou Ujiyasu is protecting the shrine area together with Fuuma ninjas.

At the headquarters Reijirou hears that Kusunoki Masashige (a very strong samurai who lived around 200 years before Sengoku era) has resurrected and joined to Oda's side. Taira Koremori who is sharing his body with Kaoru, takes over their body while Kaoru is grieving his loss of Kaoru-sama/his original body. Koremori comes to the headquarters too and says that his grandfather Kiyomori and the whole army of Taira clan has changed their side to Oda. Koremori himself decides to stay Kagetora's side. Takaya and Ushio come back to the headquarters after finishing the ritual. Reijirou gets excited seeing Takaya so fine and cheerful.

R: "Ougi! Did it finish already? It's everything fine now?!"

*Takaya smiles*

R: "...Ou..."

*Reijirou almost starts to cry with joy and hugs Takaya tightly*

R: "Holy shit, this is amazing! AWESOME!!"

*keeps hugging*

R: "It's been cured now? You're completely fine now, right?"

*Takaya smiles*

T: "...Yes."

The others come to greet Takaya and everyone are happy that his soul demise is cured now. However, Ushio keeps looking at Takaya with serious eyes. And Reijirou recognizes this... getting a bit worried. Before he can say anything, Toyotomi Hideyori, Sanada Yukimura and Chousokabe Morichika arrive there for meeting Takaya. After being being introduced, Reijirou and Morichika have a small quarrel. As a heir of Chousokabe family, Morichika thinks that the Red Whales are his subordinates, but Reijirou denies them having any lords anymore since too much time has passed. However, Hideyori orders Morichika to cool down. Led by Takaya everyone start to prepare for upcoming war against Oda troops. Onryous are very impressed by Takaya's leading skills and the atmosphere is hopeful. Reijirou keeps looking after Takaya's back with worrying eyes. Then, Takaya turns to Reijirou and asks to have a small break. Even without asking Reijirou knows where Takaya wants to go and let him to do so.

It's very quiet in a small town called Oharaimachi in Ise. Even if it's night, Naoe is still staying up in his room and folding small crane origamis. He has folded more than 60 now. He feels someone's aura behind him and turns to look at the door. Takaya is standing there.  I translated this scene, starting on p. 155:


N: "...Takaya-san."

He had just came back from the troop headquarters. Takaya had changed his clothes to very normal ones, a white t-shirt and military trousers. Even if it was already quite cold outside and Takaya was wearing only short sleeves, he seemed to be fine. Naoe asks a question from Takaya who entered into the room without saying any word.

N: "How was it?" 

Naoe had waited for Takaya who went to the Inner Shrine of Ise.

He was waiting for the results.

Did the sword of Futsu help him?

Is the soul demise cured now?

T: "..."

Takaya sat to the bedside and took one origami that was laying on the floor onto his hand. Naoe was nervously waiting for the answer. Then Takaya looked at him and smiled a bit. 

Such a warm smile.

For a while Naoe couldn't breath.

He seemed to sense the truth hid behind that calm smile. Naoe closed his eyes and after accepting the facts he embraced Takaya tightly as if never letting him go. Smile disappeared from Takaya's face. Staying silent he just closed his eyes and leaned against to Naoe.


In the next scene, Reijirou and Ushio are sitting alone. After Takaya left, Reijirou asked Ushio to come with him and have a talk. Ushio told that they failed. The sword of Futsu rejected Takaya. Not sure why... Maybe because of Kihachi... or Maybe it was just a legend that the sword can really save people from death... Or maybe it works only for Imperial family. But it didn't save Takaya. He will die of soul demise. Ushio bursts into tears cursing why this needed happen to them. The sword of Futsu was Naoe's reason for giving himself to Nobunaga. He risked whole his life for getting the sword and use that for saving Takaya. But after all, it didn't work at all! 

R: ('Heavens... This is too cruel. Why it didn't help him? Why didn't you hear our prayers!')

R: "WHY!!!"

Reijirou's yell echos in the sport hall everyone are preparing for the war. They both mourn Takaya's upcoming fate and feel sad for Naoe too. He must be broken after hearing this... Ushio says that Takaya was too shocked after they failed so it seems he pretended to be fine to not make others worried about him. Reijirou's heart hurts. Takaya has given everything for other's sake. Why the life treats him like this...? 


Small translation starting from p. 160:


Takaya and Naoe were in the room.

Takaya sits legs stretching on the tatami floor and Naoe sits behind his back embracing him. Takaya was singing in a low voice. Naoe was watching window, seeing pale light coming through the mist. White origami cranes were scattered all over the floor.

Rather than grieving, they both were burnt out of this sadness. They let themselves to be in silence because they were run out of speaking any words. There was no more energy to say anything.

Even though Naoe knew what's going to happen soon, he didn't lose his mind.

This cold reality has just broken his heart, again.

Everything ended in vain. 

For nothing.

No, it wasn't wasted effort... It's just what it is actually. I just hoped too much even if I knew how low the possibility really was. I can't give more than this. I already gave my everything and even so it was worthless. The reality cheats me every time... I just have to accept this.

The room was full of pale light.

Takaya wasn't going to let go Naoe's hand he was holding.

As smelling the scent of soft rush in the air, Takaya came to his senses and stopped singing, wondering how long they have been like that. He saw a small origami next to his feet and took it on his hand. 

T: "...Did you make this?"

Naoe nodded peacefully. It obvious that one by one, he had seemed lots of effort for making all of them alone. Takaya thought that although Naoe has quite large hands, it was very impressing that he can do such a painstaking work. He is surprisingly skillful. But Takaya didn't ask why did Naoe fold those origamis. Takaya hold the origami gently on his hand, cherishing and watching at it.

T: "I'm envy of you. You know... I have always failed making origamis. After frustrating, I just throw it away without completing any... I just don't have any skills for that."

N: "...It's because you're clumsy."

T: "Yeah, that's true. But so are you too."

Even if Takaya said so, his voice didn't mean it in bad way. Takaya closed his eyes and leaned his head on Naoe's shoulder. Naoe looked down at Takaya with sorrowful eyes and extended his hand to the letter box that was next to them. Takaya felt that something was placed on his thigh. As opening his eyes Takaya saw a letter. 

N: "Ichizou came to give this to you."

Turning it over there was written 'To big brother' on the envelope. It was a letter from Miya. Takaya opened the letter. Maybe she wrote this in hurry since there was only short message written in that familiar, beautiful letters:

'Big brother, come back to Matsumoto safely. I'm waiting for you. -Miya'

T: ('Miya...')

"That's right", Takaya whispered as hanging his head down.

T: "I need to go back."

Takaya smiled, and finally one tear dropped on his cheek. Those tears he hadn't shed for their sake, started to flow now. Takaya closed his eyes and turned his face up to the ceiling. Without saying any words, Naoe embraced Takaya more tightly, as if trying to heal their sorrow.


Sea battle continues. Kubuki and Neiha's navies are in trouble against Oda and his allies' navies. Hyoudou Hayato's soul appear on Murotomaru (it's the name of his ship) and becomes part of it.  

The war between Uesugi Kagetora and his alliances vs. Oda Nobunaga and his alliances start! On Oda's side, there are Mori Ranmaru, Shibata Katsuie, Niwa Nagahide, Mori Nagayoshi (Ranmaru's big brother) Takenaka Hanbee and Shimazu Toshihisa. Ranmaru survived from Azuchi castle and is full of revenge how Kagetora managed to sink their castle. Oda clans mission is to get the Inner shrine of Ise back before Nobunaga returns.

Takaya returns to the headquarters and asks Chiaki and Irobe to exorcise Taira Kiyomori and Kusunoki Masashige. He also tells that he has asked Uesugi's troops (=skeleton army) to join their fight. Irobe is astonished. Takaya isn't their general anymore, but even so Uesugi clan thinks him as their leader. 

Meanwhile Naoe is finishing th 99th origami crane when the bells of war start to echo in the town. The war has started. When Takaya was preparing for his leave, Naoe said that he sensed Nobunaga. It seems that he has performed kanshou again, but Naoe couldn't make sure to whom. Naoe promised to keep eyes on Nobunaga's movements and let Takaya know if he gets some new information. Takaya felt grateful. Naoe remembers Takaya ordered him to not cut his tendon. "If you can't run, who would protect me?" Takaya whispered and also encouraged Naoe. His scarification wasn't vain. Thanks to Naoe they could stop Nobunaga and by using the seed of Demon King, they can also beat him, at last. As having Takaya's hope in his heart, Naoe takes origami cranes on his hand and chants Shingon mantra. Origamis transformer into small spiritual birds and they fly outside from the window, heading for the battlefield.

*some plot happening things happening here*

Torigoe Takaya and Nagayo Takashi arrive to Ise. Nagayo wants to record the battle and also interview Ougi Takaya for proving that Shiba Eiji's statement was fake. Ise has become a real battle field of Sengoku era, but the soldiers are skeleton. On their way Torigoe and Nagayo meet Chiaki and Irobe. 

Next, a small scene from Oda's camp! They're having their headquarters in a western styled manor in Mt. Kurata. Ranmaru is leading Oda's troops. He's fuming in rage how Yashashuu always ruins their plans. He sends Katsuie on field, but then hears that the Red Whales are winning them in sea battle. For mysterious reasons Murotomaru got stronger and destroyed several main ships of Oda alliance. Nobunaga as using Yamanaka Shikanosuke (he was with Irobe and Ayukawa in the end of vol. 35) via the seed of Demon King appears there. As using Shikanosuke's body he opens the map on the table and orders them to attack directly to Kagetora alliance's headquarters.

*lots of fighting here*

In the end of this volume Nobunaga comes to Ise shrine having Motomiya Rei's body as his new host body. Earlier he performed kanshou on her. Rei's soul is still in netherworld, but her body was recovering in the hospital. After Nobunaga arrives to Ise, he encounters Kaoru and Tetsuya at the entrance of Ise shrine area. First Kaoru doesn't recognizes that it isn't Rei herself, but Nobunaga. Kaoru's (=Taira Koremori's) body start to rot when Nobunaga hits him as using Rei's body. Kaoru is shocked seeing Nobunaga's smile on Rei's face. Nobunaga hypnotizes Tetsuya and continues his way with him to shrine area. The golden rain starts to fall above of the Inner shrine of Ise, removing the sun goddess Amaterasu. Now all the gods have disappeared and Kumano will burn soon as the prediction of Kumano, Nachi and Hayatama shrine's amulets says.

To be continued.


So, now it's sure: Takaya will die of soul demise and it can happen anytime... :( Naoe folding crane origamis for praying Takaya's recover... But the sword of Futsu didn't save him. These last volumes are torture. I don't want this to end like this. I really loved the scene Takaya singing and Naoe embracing him from back... It was so beautiful... I wonder what kind of song he was singing. 

Announcement: My real life will be super busy for several weeks from now on, so I have to have a brief pause. But I'll be back soon! I'm planning to finish two last summaries before Christmas! :)

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I agree with you, these

I agree with you, these volumes are torture for me as well. I want them to be happy so much!!!!!! I wonder what song Takaya sings too, such a touching moment. So the two last volumes left...Thank you for your hard work. Don´t let us wait to much :-) 

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Hi lufro!

Me too! I really hope they could be happily together after facing so much sad things....! You're welcome! I'll be back soon. :)

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you are awesome. Thank you

sad moments but I am glad that Naoe and Takaya are actually treasuring every second they spend together. That letter Mya wrote... that was hard.

I feel like Naoe is starting to accept Kagetora’s soul demise.

Good luck in your life ^_^ don’t work yourself too hard.

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Hi sarah3161

The scene Naoe and Takaya healing each other was so beautiful. I wish they could be happy!

Thank you, I'll do my best! ^^

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Hi !

Thank you for this new summary ! :)

This volume is even sadder than the previous volume. The scene where Naoe speaks to Kagetora's illusion is truly upsetting.   The scene where Takaya singing and Naoe embracing him from back too.

After all these hardship, they deserve to be happy together, the life is unfair with them! :(

I understand that you need a break, you have already done a lot for this desperate fan community that we are. x) I hope you'll come back soon, I'll need my dose. x)

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Hi Sankia!

You're welcome! :)

This volume was a quite sad... Their fate is so unfair! :'( *sobs*

Haha, thank you! I'll be back soon! ;)

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I just thought it was only beautiful fanart, but It was actually for real. Credit to Wotama Privacy site.I just thought it was only beautiful fanart, but It was actually for real.

I didn´t know until now. Credit to Wotama Privacy site.

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Thank you

Thank you for sharing this lovely fanart with us! :) It really is from this volume!

I checked their website too. Wow, there was lost of beautiful fanarts!

Thank you!

Thank you again for the lovely translation. I agree with you that the scene with Naoe and Takaya sitting and Takaya singing is lovely. Thanks for translating all those scenes of theirs you did. So sad, yet they are so content with each other now.

I wish you well with your coming busy stretch of days. Maybe it's good we'll get a little break from summaries so we don't get too sad all at once! I will update the translation communities with this vol. 38 link ASAP.

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Hi labingi!

You're welcome! :)

Thank you very much! I'll continue this summarizing project right after my daily life schedule gets normal again. See you soon! :)

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I have a question

I have a question : Haruie is still in Takaya's body ? Because otherwise for intimacy for Takaya ... x)

I know! I kept wondering if

I know! I kept wondering if they were going to have sex and then thinking, "That would be really awkward!"

Sankia's picture
We agree, it would be very

We agree, it would be very weird ! You imagine after Haruie say : "Wow Naoe is really good, Kagetora you are very lucky !"

No really it's ... weird. XD

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Sankia & labingi:

Haha, good point! xD Yes, Haruie is still in Takaya's body, but I guess she is in 'offline mode' since she doesn't talk anything.

One more Haruie Thought

H: I prefer giving up Shintarou-san rather than hurting you [Kagetora] more.

I really love this scene for Haruie. It seems to me it is probably the turning point in her entire character arc. Because back in volume 9 (which I know only via the OVA, by the way) Murashige was right that Shintarou is a kind of a prop Haruie uses to have a sense of hope so that she can face the bleakness of life as Yashashuu. Now, I don't doubt that Shintarou and Haruie really loved each other and had something very special, but it was only for a short time 200 years ago. He has no doubt been reincarnated several times since then and gone on with this karmic existence and is not really the same man she knew, even if they were to meet. The center of her life has always been the Yashashuu, and she is closer to Kagetora than any of the others. That conscious admission that those men, her brothers, if your will--and Kagetora most of all--are at the center of her life is, I think, the evaporation of her great illusion and the turn she needs to make to come to terms with her life.

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Hi labingi!

First of all, I'm back now! I had quite busy two weeks and didn't even open my computer. But now I can concentrate on finishing these two last summaries of the main story. :)

I agree with you that this scene was lovely. Haruie really has a very deep bond with Yashashuu, especially with Kagetora. Good points about Haruie and her relationship with Shintarou! She has suffered a lot during these years and it hurts to see her giving up her hope for meeting Shintarou again some day, but I think accepting the facts (the precious time they had together won't come back) helps her to continue her life from now on. And I also loved how Kagetora didn't let her go even if her existence in his body would cause danger to him. I'm sometimes close to burst into tears since he's too kind and warm-hearted. :'(

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Welcome back ^^

Welcome back ^^

Great ! Finally I will have my dose !  When will the next summary ? :)

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Thank you! :)

I'll post it next week, if possible, on Monday! ^^

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