Some notes from Showa vols 4 & 5

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Some notes from Showa vols 4 & 5

Hello, I thought I could share some notes I have made from the Showa novels 4 and 5, ie the things that happen after the second stage play. My understanding of Japanese is still very limited, so it's not much, but for the curious, I assume even this much is better than nothing.

Vol 4 & Vol 5

If anyone with better understanding has read these books and can share any corrections or additions, please do!

I have to say these books are making me feel for Naoe a lot, he does not have it easy. Looking forward to reading the next novels and seeing the new play to see how the craziness evolves from here.

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Thank you

Thank you very much for sharing with us !

The volume 5 has looks very interesting, I hope that in the future someone will make a detailed summary. ^^

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Me too, since I know I'm

Me too, since I know I'm missing so much - there are pages where I don't understand anything at all, haha!

Thank you!

Oh my goodness, thanks for these summaries! For whatever reason, they really made me laugh--in a delighted way. But it is horrible how Naoe and Minako actually have such a sweet relationship and it's going to degenerate to such an extent.

Also, you have a blog! I'm going to have to figure out how to practically follow it since I don't usually follow particular Wordpress blogs. It looks great.

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Indeed, the path Naoe and

Indeed, the path Naoe and Minako go through is pretty sad to see. But it's really nice we get to fully see that with these books. I think it will make it all the more interesting to get back to the main storyline afterwards and look at the things said there with all this new context.

Thank you! I haven't mentioned it much yet since there are all kinds of things I should fix and add. But I'll make sure to post here when I have something new in there!

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