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A really intelligent question

Hello, hello! I was just wondering if the following Mirage of Blaze side story (?) translations were complete:
Exaudi Nos [Prologue] + [The burden of an eternal love], Gunjou [Gunjou], -Danshou- Saiai no Anata e [Itetsuita Tsubasa], Shinku no Hata wo Hirugaese [Hutari Botan], Gunjou [Sichigetsu Ikimare no Sirius], and -Danshou- Saiai no Anata e [Saiai no Anata e].
So, yeah, all of the ones listed on the site. But I thought I would list them all for clarity... double clarity... something.
Sorry if this is really obvious!! I just want to be sure;;

Thank you!

Oops, sorry about taking so

Oops, sorry about taking so long to respond to this question! All of these books contain contain multiple side- (stand-alone) stories which are all over the place, chronologically speaking. The stories I've posted so far are complete of themselves, but that doesn't mean I've translated all the stories from each book (if that makes sense).

- Exaudi Nos has 2-3 stories left. The next story takes place when Takaya's 21, if I recall correctly. So it'll be a while before we come back to it.
- Gunjou is completely translated.
- -Danshou- Saiai no Anata e is completely translated.
- Shinku no Hata wo Hirugaese has several stories left. The next one takes place after Volume 9, so we'll get to it soon!

Hope I've answered your question and not confused you further!

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