Yashashuu Boogie-woogie, trial scene - translation

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Yashashuu Boogie-woogie, trial scene - translation

This is the opening scene of the 3rd play's last installment (titled "Yadokari Bolero"). Japanese, then English. There's a couple of moments where I'm not 100% sure I'm hearing this right, but overall 99% of it should be correct :) 


裁: お前の名は。

景: 加瀬健三。

裁: それは本当の名ではない。最初の名は。

景: 上杉三郎景虎。戦国武将北条氏康の息子。後に上杉謙信公の養子となり、後継者争いに負けて死んだ。

裁: お前は400年前に死んだ。なのになぜここにいる。

景: 換生した。肉体を乗り換えながら生きてきた。

裁: その肉体は誰のものだ。

景: 知らない。換生した時まだ胎児だった。母親の腹にいたこの体に乗り移り、元の持ち主の魂を追い出し、自分のものにした。加瀬健三と名付けられた。

裁: ずっとそうして生きてきたのか。

景: この体は十体目。

裁: 十回……他者から肉体を奪ったということなのか。

春: 裁判長!彼は怨霊調伏するために換生したのです。謙信公のご命令に従ったのです。

色: 裁判長!調伏力を行使するには、生きた肉体に根付くことが必要なんです。怨霊をあの世に送る者がいなければ、この世は怨霊があふれてしまう。

長: それは俺たちがやることか。

色: 調伏ができるのは毘沙門天と結縁したものだけだ。我々しかいないじゃないか。

長: こいつは家督争いをして、怨霊をたくさん生んだ。その始末をつけるために調伏を始めた。だが、400年も続けるとは聞いていない。

春: 怨霊が尽きないからよ!

長: 尽きるまで続けろっていうのか。こんな馬鹿な事になるわけねぇだろう。人間が死ねば、怨霊も生まれる。

直: つまり、人間が生まれなくなればいい。人が生まれなければ、苦しみも生まれない。

景: 苦しみをなくすれば、怨霊は生まれない?

直: 裁判長!この人は嘘つきだ。人間を救う気なんかこれっぽちもないんだ。戦って戦って、無力だと絶望することで、逃げ道を作りたかっただけだ。

景: 生きている人間の苦しみを断つことはできる。お前も俺もそう信じた。

直: ピリオドを打てないのなら、人間を滅ぼせと命するべきだったんです。

景: 悪魔になる気か。

直: 私はもうだまされない。あなたの正しさにも、弱さにも。

景: できもしないくせに。

直: 人間を滅ぼすのと怨霊の生まれない世の中を作るのと、どっちらが容易でしょう。

景: 思い上がるな。

直: 希望を語ってみたらどうです。

景: 信じてもいないくせに。

直: 奇跡を起こしてみたらどうです。

景: 救世主が欲しいなら、お前がなれ。

直: 私じゃない!選ばれるのはいつだってあなたの方なんだ!

景: 裁判長。早く、さばきを!

直: 私が見たいのは、あなたが大勢の人間から唾棄され、捨てられる光景だ。

景: 早く、さばきを!!

裁: さばきを言い渡す。

直: そうなったとき、あなたは私だけのものになる。



J – Judge

K – Kagetora

H – Haruie

I – Irobe

Ng – Nagahide

N – Naoe


J: What’s your name?

K: Kase Kenzo.

J: That is not your real name. What was the very first one?

K: Uesugi Saburo Kagetora, son of Sengoku warlord Houjo Ujiyasu, later adopted by Uesugi Kenshin – I died when I lost the war for inheritance.

J: You died 400 years ago. Why are you still here?

K: Through the ritual of kansho. I went on living by changing bodies.

J: So, who does this body belong to?

K: I don’t know. When I got into it, it was still in its mother’s womb. I pushed out the soul it belonged to and made it my own. They named me Kase Kenzo.

J: And this is how you’ve lived this whole time?

K: This is my 10th body.

J: You stole someone else’s body 10 times?

H: Your Honor! He performed kansho, because he needed to exorcise vengeful spirits. He did what lord Kenshin ordered him to do.

I: Your Honor! To use exorcising power we need a living body. And if no one exorcises the vengeful spirits, the whole world will overflow with them.

Ng: Why does this have to be our job?

I: Only those who’ve bonded with Bishamonten can exorcise. Who else, but us?

Ng: This guy made war, for inheritance, which produced a lot of vengeful spirits. To clean up his own mess he started to exorcise. But 400 years? Seriously? Nobody told me about that.

H: That’s because there’s no end to them!

Ng: So, we continue to the end – that’s what you’re saying? That’s ridiculous! There will be new vengeful spirits for as long as people keep dying.

N: In other words – people should stop being born. If people are not born – there will be no more suffering.

K: No more suffering – no more vengeful spirits?

N: Your Honor! This person is a liar. There’s not even one thought in his head about saving people. He was just fighting and fighting, and despaired because he felt so powerless, and was looking for a way to escape.

K: It is possible to save the living from suffering – isn’t this what we believed in, you and I?

N: If you can’t stop on your own, you should have just ordered to eliminate all people.

K: Are you going to play the devil now?

N: I won’t be deceived anymore – neither by your righteousness nor by your frailty.

K: You can’t. You don’t have the guts.

N: To eliminate all people or to create a world without vengeful spirits – what do you think is easier to do?

K: Who do you think you are?

N: Why won’t you say what you really want?

K: You don’t even believe in what you’re saying…

N: Why won’t you show us a miracle already!

K: You want a savior? Become a savior yourself!

N: It’s not me, it can never be me! It’s always you who’s being chosen!

K: Your Honor! Verdict, please! Now!

N: I want to see you abandoned and outcast by a great many people.

K: Your Honor! Now, please!

J: The verdict is…

N: And when that happens… You will be mine, and mine alone.


*If you don't have the DVD, and can't buy it, but really-really want to see it - message me at katinka{atmark}karlson.ru, I'll see what I can do*

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I did not understand everything, it's the trial of Kagetora? And Naoe the victim? :o

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I know, it must be hard to understand without seeing it...

The scene opens with Kagetora at the center of the stage, Haruie and Irobe are at the left corner, Nagahide and Naoe - at the right. The Judge is just the voice, asking questions. From the questions asked we understand that Kagetora is on trial for what he did in his life (specifically - stealing other people's bodies so that he can go on living). Haruie and Irobe are defending him, Nagahide and Naoe - accusing. Then it's just what they say to each other. 


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Thank you

Thanks for the explanations, it's a little clearer now. ;)

Thank you!

Thank you for doing this! I just ordered the third DVD, so I look forward to referring to this translation when I have it. I also appreciate your including the Japanese text. I enjoy being able to look between them.

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Thank you very much! This was

Thank you very much! This was very interesting scene! :)

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