Yonakidori Blues English Subtitles

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Yonakidori Blues English Subtitles

 Because I'm fangirling the plays (and Tomita) so hard right now...These subtitles are timed to the video on the DVD. There are certain bits of dialogue that I'm not 100% sure of but I've referenced the first Showa novel and the first Kaiko novel in the making of the subtitles so hopefully, there are minimal mistakes. If you do spot anything glaringly off, just let me know.

All download links are in this post:http://quaint-twilight.dreamwidth.org/68110.html 

I have provided the subtitles in two different formats. I have also uploaded a transcript if you don't have the DVD but want to read the dialogue in the play. :)

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Ah, the driving power of fangirling :)

The link does not open for me though - is it just me? 


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No, me too the link does not

No, me too the link does not open. :(

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I've corrected the link. It

I've corrected the link. It should work now. :)

It is incredible that you've

It is incredible that you've done this! I look forward to having time to sit down and figure out the technical stuff. Thank you!

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