Just a Giant Thanks to All the Fans Who Translate/Summarize

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Just a Giant Thanks to All the Fans Who Translate/Summarize

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone over the years who has contributed to this massive array of translation and summary resources at our translation community! (This links to the Dreamwidth; the LJ version is has the same stuff.)

There's stuff linked here that dates back to around 2004 (well before I knew of Mirage), when Petronia and Sargaf and others were forming (I think) the first wave of English-language fandom. (Some links are dead, but most are still active.) There's Asphodel's amazing work, Quaint-Twilight's plethora of translations, Rina's fantastic summaries of these later volumes, quite a bit by 99me and Tasha-Poisonous, Imperfekti and Michiru, and so many others who have contributed. We can all be really proud of the community we have formed around this amazing story! Thank you!

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Hi !

* Applause *

A big thank you to all ! Thanks to you too, labingi ! You have brought a lot to this community too ! :)

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Thank you!

I also want to thank everyone for keeping this fandom active after all these many years. :)

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