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Summary of vol. 25

Hi everyone!

After the final volumes it feels nice to return to this arc! I recently bought this volume and there was some details I also got known just now. In a nutshell this is how Naoe joined the Red Whales! :)


MoB vol. 25 (Onshuu no Mon - Hakuraihen / The Gate of Revenge - White lightning)

Takaya returns back to Ashizura base and locks himself into his room. Naoe is taken to a prison and Kada Reijirou is questioning him there. Somehow Reijirou can't believe that this man, Tachibana Yoshiaki, is an assassin sent by Uesugi. There is something else. Naoe doesn't tell who he is or what kind of relationship he has with Takaya, he just begs that the Red Whales won't send Takaya to the battlefield since it's very dangerous to him. When Reijirou asks reason why it's dangerous, Naoe can't expose the truth about Kagetora's upcoming soul demise. 

Nakagawa Kamon sees that something about this 'assassin' is bothering Takaya. As if... Takaya is protecting him? Something important about him that Takaya doesn't tell to anyone? Nakagawa recommends him to tell the truth to Reijirou since he is a man of justice. He would understand and trust Takaya. Then Takaya gets a call from Doumori Inosuke. He explains that while Takaya was absent, Date clan attacked and took the control of their fortress named 'the hawk nest'. Satta was captured. It seems that Date clan has a new, terrifying weapon. It's a canon that uses souls as a gunpowder. They use captured souls for this kind of purpose. After the attack Hyoudou Hayato went to save them, but he didn't come back and they can't contact him. It's possible that he got captured too... Takaya wants to go to save everyone.

Takaya and Reijirou have a discussion. At first Takaya asks how the assassins is. Reijirou answers that he hasn't said anything remarkable, just being very worry about Takaya. Reijirou asks why Takaya is protecting that man. Takaya starts with telling the truth about the assassin who exorcised Chousokabe Nobuchika, the lord of Tosa. It was a man named Yasuda Nagahide, a former member of Yashashuu, but now he's working for Oda Nobunaga. Reijirou is shocked. Is Nobunaga planning to attack Shikoku?! Takaya tells that Oda clan is possibly trying to bluff Date clan since Date Masamune's cousin has his own area in Uwajima, and Masamune's younger brother, Kojirou, was with Nagahide. Takaya asks a permission to take the command in Shimanto.

Reijirou goes to see Naoe and releases him. He tells that Takaya told the truth, so they don't have any reason to keep Naoe imprisoned anymore. Naoe asks where Takaya is, but Reijirou says that he returned to the battlefield. Naoe of course gets pissed off since he told thousands of times that Takaya should not fight anymore since his body won't survive if he continues pushing himself too much. Naoe also says that he wants to join the Red Whales officially, right here and right now, so that he can go after Takaya.

Meanwhile Hayato is hiding close to Date clan's factory where they're producing this new weapon. Earlier he got a gunshot on his shoulder and has difficulties to hold his rifle due to the severe pain. He's planning to save everyone inside of that building, but if everything goes wrong, he has only solution and it's exploding the whole building even if it would mean that they will lose their captured friends lives. Luckily he manages to get inside and finds the place where the souls are kept. It's a huge oven made by thick glass. Hayato can see his friends souls in side of it, crying for help. He can't break it. Some guards find Hayato and they start shooting. Suddenly there is a huge explosion somewhere in the factory building. Hayato doesn't know that Takaya, Kubuki, Heishirou and Andou have come to save everyone and that the explosion was caused by them. The guards get in panic. Takaya and the others attack furiously in the entry hall and try to find their way to the place where the captured ones are. Secretly Takaya decides to use exorcism, but for some reason Bishamonten doesn't answer to his mantra. He's confused, but doesn't have any time for worrying about it since Date guards keep shooting. By accident they meet injured Hayato who is also surprised seeing Takaya there. He was sure that Commander Ougi left them behind (in vol. 24 Hayato was the last person who saw Takaya when he was leaving the Ashizura base. Takaya told to him that he won't come back anymore.) They end up to the room where captured ones are and Takaya tries to save them. In command room of that factory, Date Shigesane locks the doors automatically and via central radio announces that the room where Takaya and the others are, is covered by a spiritual barrier so they can't use their powers there. Shigesane pushes a button that causes a strong electrical current inside of the barrier trying to force hyouireis out of their host bodies. Everyone is suffering in a great pain. Suddenly the door of command room is forcibly wrenched open! It's Naoe! He punches Shigesane hard and then switches off the electrical current. After that Naoe rushes to the room where Takaya is.

N: "Takaya-san!"

*holds Takaya's injured body*

T: "Nao...e"

N: "Please, hang in there! Takaya-san!"

T: "Why are you here...?"

N: "I'll tell you later. Let's escape now."

Takaya orders the others to leave the building immediately and take the host bodies to save place. Takaya is planning to stay there until the rest captured souls are saved.

T: "You too Naoe, go."

N: "No, it's my task to break the oven. You should escape before it's too late."

T: "Why you..."

H: "I'm staying here too. We can't leave our commander all alone." 

Takaya gives to both of them a permission to stay and tries after that to find a way to break the oven for releasing the souls. The battle ends with Takaya gathering all the souls in his body and the Red Whale soldiers destroy the factory by explosives. 

Takaya wakes up in Sukumo base. He lost his consciousnesses after escaping from the factory. He took his body on it's limits as allowing almost 100 hyouireis to borrow his body. Naoe, Nakagawa, Maki, Kubuki, Andou and Kogenta are around his bed. Nakagawa scolds him to do something so reckless. Takaya almost died! It's dangerous to have so many hyouireis in one body! But thanks to him, almost every soul that were captured by Date, was saved. 

When Naoe gets out from Takaya's room, Hayato was already waiting for him on the corridor. "Who the heck are you?" Hayato asks and wants to know Naoe's relationship to commander Ougi. Naoe introduces him to be Tachibana Yoshiaki, a newbie. Hayato also introduces himself as keeping strict eyes on Naoe. Before leaving he recommends Naoe to not stick his nose on their business. 

Later Naoe secretly comes to see Takaya in his room. Takaya has strict eyes and asks a bit angrily why Naoe is still here. Why didn't he leave? He thinks that Naoe should return to Uesugi since he is the general of Uesugi underworld army. Naoe tells that he left Uesugi and won't return anymore. It was his own will to join the Red Whales and Reijirou even gave him the permission to do that. Takaya feels worry because if the soldiers know, they may kill both of them or at least they would never trust him anymore. They start to argue if this is still part of Naoe's desire to be better than Kagetora, but Naoe just says that he can't stand the idea of being not on Takaya's side. Then, their conservation turns upside down and Naoe demands to know why does Takaya keep staying with these hyouireis. 

N: "I can't get the point why do you want to stay with them. We lived these 400 years for exorcising the souls like them. How can you accept them as your friends? What did happen to your sense of justice?"

*Naoe looks angry*

T: "It's not that easy as you think."

N: "No, you have forgotten what's correct and what isn't. We are meant to protect people from onryous. That's why we can use exorcism."

*Takaya is upset*

N: "Performing hyoui is a crime. That's why we need to exorcise them. Unwanted death is just a poor excuse for trying to make it acceptable. If we accept it, it's same if a person, who has lost everything in natural disaster, goes and steals all necessary things for living from his neighbor. It's absolutely something we just can't accept. How do you think now? If you're friend with them, it means you also accept performing hyoui, crime. Is it fine to you?" 

Takaya tells that he hasn't forgotten that, but the reason he started this mission was for the sake of death people since he himself was also an onryou.

N: "Kagetora-sama."

T: "I didn't accept this mission for protecting living people. I just wanted to calm down onryous' souls. They're my friends, I want to help them for moving to the afterlife. If I need to say to whose side I'm, it's death people. Uesugi Kagetora stands on onryous' side."

N: "I don't deny that it might have been so in the beginning of our mission, but something changed. How about now? How did you feel last year when you fought against onryous?"

T: "You have been on living people's side since the very beginning, haven't you!"

N: "That's true. I accepted this mission because I wanted to protect Lord Kagekatsu's Echigo."

T: "In that case you can't understand."

N: "No, I can understand you very well. Performing kanshou changed you. Before you even recognized it by yourself, you had become a living human again. You have fought for the sake of living people all these years. Remember the time 4 years ago. I'm sure you started to fight in order to protect Yuzuru-san, and also protect other living people from the onryous." 

Next, a small translation starting from p. 93:


T: "Yuzuru?"

Takaya's reaction was weird.

T: "Who is that?"

N: (''Takaya-san...!)

Takaya's eyes suddenly filled with fear and he desperately demanded the answer.

T: "Hey, tell me! Who is Yuzuru, Naoe?!"

N: "Takaya-san... Why-"

T: "Tell me! Who is he? I don't know him..."

N: "Takaya-san."

T: "You said that I was protecting him four years ago, right? Him? Who is he to me?"

Takaya shouted so and took a grab on Naoe's collar.

T: "I don't know!! I don't fucking remember him at all!!"

N: "Calm down, Takaya-san."

T: "What's happening to me?! This is so scary!! Why-"

As interrupting his yelling, Naoe pressed his lips onto Takaya's.

T: "Mm-"

Naoe waited till Takaya stopped pushing back before aparting their lips. Takaya was dazed. As looking at him Naoe said quietly:

N: "It's alright. Even if you don't remember him, I'll be on your side." 


After this Takaya sits down on the sofa, burring his face with his hands. He asks what is Naoe's real purpose to be there and why he doesn't allow Takaya to use his powers, like nenpa. Naoe answers that he just wants to be on Takaya's side and that he will tell more later. Naoe thinks on his mind that on that moment when he exposes the truth about soul demise, he has to be mentally strong enough in order to calm down Takaya. Takaya seems to be worrying about something and eventually he asks if Naoe used exorcism on the factory side. Naoe says that he did, but Takaya doesn't need to worry about that since he took care of that no one saw him to do that. However, Takaya has an another reason what makes him worried....

After meeting Naoe, Takaya has a conversation with Reijirou, making sure that it's really fine that Naoe is with them. Next morning Takaya asks Naoe to visit his room again. Takaya tells that he accepts Naoe being a member of the Red Whales, but Naoe can't be 'Naoe Nobutsuna', he has to be 'Tachibana Yoshiaki'. Also, he will work under Higaki Kogenta's command in Ashizura navy. Of course Naoe isn't happy about this and wants to follow Takaya's unit to Kubokawa. They argue again about if it's fine to accept hyouireis as their friends or not. Eventually Takaya says that already long time ago, sometimes he doubted Kenshin and their mission. Naoe gets shocked about this confession. Takaya explains that if there isn't anything after death, then why they all are still here. Why the Heaven accepts their existence? Naoe answers that it doesn't accept. Even everyone in Yashashuu will be punished later. But now, it's fine since they use exorcism. Then, Takaya says that Naoe is hiding something from him. Something has happened. Naoe doesn't have his 'hunting mode' anymore. Why he has given it up? Naoe doesn't mention anything about soul demise yet. Takaya continues demanding and after all says that he has finally found a place he can live. He can't exorcise them, there is no way he could do that. They're different from the other onryous! Naoe loses his words and is sad that he couldn't give to Takaya a reason keep living. Instead of him, Takaya found that from the Red Whales. 

N: "I see, after all I couldn't give you a reason to live..."

T: "Naoe... Thanks to you I recognized what I can still do with my life."

Naoe cheers up a bit and decides to join Kogenta's unit. Takaya looks at him strictly and says that Naoe won't get any special treatment just because he's 'Naoe'. He will be treated just like any other common soldier. If Naoe wants to fight beside Takaya, he has work hard in order to earn that place. He has to prove to everyone and get promotions, starting from the most lower level...  All by himself.

T: "Can you do that, Naoe Nobutsuna?"

Naoe and Takaya look strictly at each other. Naoe understands that love isn't enough for Kagetora, he wants to be desired in all kinds of ways. He wants to see a prove that Naoe really is serious about being with him. In the end Naoe says: "I got it. I'll earn my place beside you with all my powers. I'll definitely earn that place. Just wait for me."  

Takaya and the commando unit (including Hayato, Doumori, Satta and Kubuki), all together 60 soldiers are preparing for the departure. Reijirou gives a new motorbike to Takaya who is very happy for such a fine present. Naoe stands in front of the entrance, eyes locked on Takaya and Hayato. He can't stand watching someone else being Takaya's right hand... The leader of Muroto navy... Naoe start to feel hatred against Hayato and decides that he has to win his place back from that guy. Takaya and the others leave by motorbikes and cars. Naoe and Nakagawa are seeing them off at the gate. Takaya and Naoe didn't talk anything after morning, but the gazes they exchanged with each other told more than the words. As Takaya passes the gate, he prays in his heart: 'Hold on me Naoe...' After Takaya and the others has gone, Naoe turns to Nakagawa and asks a favor.

Date clan has captured Iwata Eikichi and kept him drugged for days so that he would tell them secret information of the leaders of the Red Whales. Eventually Eikichi is so drugged that he exposes about Reijirou, Takaya and Retsumyousei. Date Masamune is shocked after hearing that Ougi Takaya is also a member. He remembers from Sendai that it's Kagetora's present name. 

Nagahide, Katsuragi Ichizou, Shikanosuke and Miho are having a break by the Shimanto river. Miho is a girl whose body is like a soil doll (she looks like young human girl though, but doesn't have a soul). Nagahide isn't sure what kind of creature Miho actually is, but he promised to be her 'kebesu'. Kebesu is some kind of warrior who will save Shikoku and help Miho's tribe to be released from their spell. They need to slay 'a red eyed beast' that has come to Shikoku. The old legend says that this beast will transform Shikoku to be the land of death, so Miho and kebesu warrior have to slay the beast before it's too late. For slaying the beast, they need Retsumyousei that the Red Whales are storing in Ashizura base. Nagahide knows this beast is probably Kagetora and the man Ichizou calls his master is Naoe. He's quite amused hearing that Naoe left Uesugi and followed Kagetora to Shikoku. But the rumors that Kagetora and Naoe has got mixed with the Red Whales sounds so ridiculous. Nagahide does some research and by coincidence he meets some Shingon sect monks from Mt. Kouya in Shikoku. Nagahide learns that Miho is actually an evil spirit that threatens the balance of life. Nagahide also learns that the person who put the curse on Miho and her tribe was actually Kuukai. There is something mysterious and hidden in Shikoku pilgrimage...         

Takaya and the others arrive to Kubokawa base. Soldiers are quite discouraged and drunken, so Takaya gets pissed off and punches some of them. One of the soldiers asks why they (hyouireis) exists. He explains that while he was still alive, he committed a suicide. He didn't want to live. In that case why he is still 'alive'? Why didn't his soul move to afterlife? Why can't he stop being alive? Takaya gets dumbfounded and thinks alone about death and Yami Sengoku. Onryous have different reasons to be here. Some of them want to continue living, some of them are trying to find a way to move to afterlife... Why are we here? Hayato comes Takaya's side and tells the report. Takaya asks what was Hayato's reason for becoming an onryou. Hayato tells that he was beheaded as a replacement of all other villagers. In Sengoku era it was common that every village had their own 'victim' who was executed as 'a gift'  if the village was conquered by an enemy clan. But the reason why he's onryou is that he just wanted to keep living.   

In the next scene Takaya gives an encouragement speech to the soldiers. There is actually CD Drama of this scene. YouTube has it:

This scene is 0:30-3:12:

T: "This is our last fortress. Kubokawa is a lifeline that connects Sukumo and Nakamura. Our next battle decides if Tosa named whale will keep living or die. It's easy to lose. The most easiest thing is to just fall on your knees and whine. Keeping to fight, not willing to lose, it's so hard. I ask all of you to change your decisiveness into your very own tailwind that gives you strength. You'll definitely feel tired, but like a bird, you have to keep flying against the headwind in order to not fall down. If you fold your wings, you will fall down right away. Smashing to the ground kills you instantly, it's the easiest way to escape from this burden. But how pathetic you would feel yourself when you crawl on the ground in a great pain and see the other birds flying freely in the sky? You will definitely regret folding wings! If you give up now it will feel relieving at first, but let me say that afterwards you will weep. It's hard to keep fighting after being tired of losing again and again. I know, it's difficult. If you let the fear take over yourself, fighting will feel as if walking in the Hell. Everything is needless if you can see the end. But I'm not going to leave you alone! You guys know better than anyone else how bitter it feels to crawl on the ground. You can't give up. If you don't want to live in a society of lords and peasant warriors anymore, you have to fight. Our wings aren't broken yet! Follow me if you don't want to lose. If you trust yourself, we'll definitely win! Trust your power! I'm going to put my life on the line for those guys who trust themselves! If you can't trust yourself, I can trust! Let's protect Kubokawa to the end!"

After the speech Takaya receives a parcel. It's from Nakagawa so Takaya decides to open it right away. Inside of the parcel, there is a silver tamakase, a spiritual bracelet, that seals powers. On the inner side of bracelet, Takaya sees there is an engraving saying with English letters 'Don't forget your land'. Takaya understands it's from Naoe, not from Nakagawa. He wears it on his left wrist.

Meanwhile Naoe has just returned from the battlefield and thanks Nakagawa for sending his present to Takaya. Nakagawa has sensed that Naoe is hiding something from everyone, and asks him to tell everything to him. As a doctor he would like to know all necessary information about Takaya's body condition so that he could help him medically. Nakagawa promises to keep their secret and help them if Naoe just would tell everything. Naoe considers seriously should he tell or not, but after all he feels he can't trust Nakagawa enough for telling about Takaya's soul demise. After spending some time with Nakagawa, Kogenta asks Naoe to come to the beach. He would like to introduce Naoe to someone. There Naoe meets Oki no Shima navy called 'The White Sharks'. This navy has only female soldiers. Actually these girls are more like pirates than soldiers. Nakagawa who followed Naoe to the beach, is soon surrounded by female soldiers of this navy. It seems that he's very popular among these women.  

One of them is a tall and very beautiful woman named Aotsuki. Kogenta introduces her to Naoe and says that don't underestimate them, because on battlefield they're even stronger than normal Red Whale soldiers. Next, the leader of White Sharks comes. Her name is Ugura Neiha and her amazon looking host body is in her 30's. She immediately recognizes that Naoe is a kanshousha. As everyone is dumbfounded, Naoe wonders how Neiha can see it. But the topic changes right away to Takaya. 

Ne: "I would like to meet him. I heard he's quite tough guy. I love strong men. Too bad that Ashizura navy doesn't have any handsome guys like Hayato."

Ke: "Give me a break. There are! For example, me." >:)

Ne: "You should look in a mirror first."

*Neiha turns to Naoe and smiles confidently*

Ne: "Do you know Hyoudou Hayato? Muroto and Ashizura navies are always competing. Hayato is a real man. I wanna meet that young guy who has charmed him."

Naoe's hatred towards Hayato gets stronger. Then, they go to meet some Muroto soldiers who have come to Ashizura by their ships. They meet a guy named Majima Sounosuke. Naoe learns Majima being the vice-leader of Muroto navy and replacing now Hayato's place as a captain too. Majima complains that he can't understand why does Hayato want to spend so much time in land troops and why does he like this guy named 'Commander Ougi' so much. This 'Ougi' is just modern human after all, completely useless. Naoe is about to hit Majima, but cools himself down. After meeting Majima and the White Sharks, Kogenta asks a favor from Naoe.  He's planning to go to help the troops (Takaya and the others) in Kubokawa, so he wants Naoe to lead Ashizura navy while he's absent. Nakagawa is a bit worried if Naoe can handle such a big responsibility, but Kogenta is sure about that after seeing how powerful Naoe is.

The battle between the Red Whales and Date clan starts in Kubokawa. Takaya's leading skills are amazing and all soldiers are very sure about their winning. However, Date clan is much stronger than Takaya could imagine, and eventually the Red Whales are losing. Takaya rushes to the battlefield by himself too and fights first with nenpa. But after understanding that Date is too strong for them, Takaya decides to use exorcism even if he already promised to not use it anymore. Even if there aren't any spiritual barrier that could block Bishamonten's powers, Takaya can't use exorcism no matter how many times he repeats the mantra. He's shocked. He also tries different kinds of exorcisms, but nothing. He simply can't use it anymore. Hayato rushes to save him and for everyone's surprise Ushio appears there with a black panther.

Naoe has returned from the battle and hears from Nakagawa that there was also a battle in Kubokawa. He gets totally mad since no one told him about the situation in Kubokawa. Nakagawa says that Takaya asked him to not tell. Being super worry about Takaya, Naoe is about to leave for Kubokawa, but Nakagawa stops him.

Naka: "You can't leave, Tachibana-san! You can't abandon your responsibilities here!"

Nao: "Fuck responsibilities... I need to go! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

Naka: "Because I knew this would happen! Ougi-san felt worried, because he knew you would run to him if I tell about the battle. He doesn't want you to cause any suspicious among the soldiers!"

Nao: "I don't care what the others think!"

Naka: "Can't you understand?! Ougi-san is worried if you're expelled from the Red Whales!"

*Naoe gets surprised*

Naka: "He wants you to stay with us. That's why he on purpose placed you here. So that your joining us wouldn't be suspicious. Do you understand now!"

Nao: ('Takaya-san...')

Naka: "He's a person who won't say anything directly, you should know about that. So please, Tachibana-san, respect his plan."

Nao: "Even so I need to go... I'm sure he takes off the spiritual bracelet during the combat. He's such a person. I can't let him to fight."

Naka: "Too late. The battle has ended already."


In the next scene, we're back to Kubokawa base! Thanks to Ushio and black panther, the Red Whales won the battle. But many lost their lives and got injured. It's already late night, but Takaya is awake in his private room where he has locked himself. A bit earlier Hayato tried to bring him meal, but Takaya didn't open the door. He's just laying on the bed and shivering in fear. He can't understand what did happen to his exorcism powers. This has happened never before. It's like he has lost a part of himself... He is afraid of what's happening in his body. Desperately Takaya calls out Naoe's name, begging him to come to save him. As seeing a telephone on the desk, he gets up and rushes to seek an address book for getting Sukumo base's phone number. He wants to talk with Naoe. He has to! But with trembling hands he hesitates to push the last number button. He gives up. He got the point. This is a punishment for being together with hyouireis. Bishamonten is definitely punishing him. After some time passes Takaya goes for walking outside. It's still night. In the forest he meets the same black panther that was with Ushio. Takaya knows who is it. "You didn't die... Did you follow me all the way from Aso? Why don't you perform hyoui on a human body? Do you prefer being an animal? Kotarou." It's Fuuma Kotarou. It seems that his soul survived and in a form of panther he was looking for Takaya. Takaya walks to him and hugs, burying his face on Kotarou's soft fur. When the dawn is about to break, Ushio finds mentally super exhausted looking Takaya sitting on the ground and laying against the trunk of a tree. Kotarou is keeping his head on Takaya's lap.

U: "You really do love forest, don't you?"

*Ushio walks to him*

U: "I knocked your door, but you didn't answer anything. What's wrong, Ougi?"

T: "Nothing..."

U: "Don't lie. I can clearly see from your face that something is bothering you."

*Ushio pours coffee from thermos flask into an outdoor mug*

U: "Drink it."

Takaya doesn't feel like drinking anything so he just apathetically keeps sitting still. Then Ichizou appears there and he's surprised seeing Takaya (but Takaya and Ushio doesn't know who Ichizou is). They're all confused when Ichizou rushes to Takaya and in panic tells that Takaya has to use Retsumyousei before Miho and the others find it. Ichizou tells that Retsumyousei is the only way to extends Takaya's lifetime.

On that same day Naoe arrives to Kubokawa. In the morning he got an emergency call from Kubokawa base. Commander Ougi wants to meet Tachibana Yoshiaki immediately. On the way to Takaya's private room he exchanges cold gazes with Hayato. In the dark room Takaya is sitting in front of the desk and having a very serious expression on his face. Takaya orders the others to leave so that he can be alone with Naoe. However, he calls Ichizou there. Ichizou whispers: "I'm so sorry, master." This volume ends with Takaya demanding Naoe to tell what he's hiding from him.

To be continued.


Ichizou didn't know that Naoe didn't tell the truth yet... Naoe is in trouble! How will Takaya react after he hears about his upcoming soul demise? 

I liked how Takaya gave to Naoe a challenge to earn his place from his side in this military organization. Especially nice was that the text described Takaya having the strict eyes of Kagetora. It reminded me of the final scene of OVA. :)

Poor Naoe, he got a rival. AGAIN. :D And Kotarou is back in story too! It was quite cute when Takaya hugged him.

There was one funny scene I didn't add to this summary: at first Miho really didn't want to accept Nagahide being her kebesu, since she was still in love with Naoe (earlier in this arc Miho got interested in Naoe and wanted him to be her kebesu, but of course Naoe refused and escaped to find Takaya). After Nagahide learns from Ichizou that this former kebesu was Naoe, he buries his face with hands and says that this hurt his pride. :DD

By the way, I found some nice cosplay pictures of the Red Whales.

Group picture from left to right: Naoe, Takaya, Reijirou, Hayato, Neiha, Narasaki, Ushio, Utarou and Nakagawa. Single picture is Nakagawa. *w*

Maybe a bit early to say this, but Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! ^^

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Hi !

Thank you for this new summary !

I'm happy to finally know how Naoe integrated the red whales.  I love his jealousy of Hayato so much ! : D Takaya is very successful, Naoe, Hayato and even Katarou ! XD Did Hayato already know that Takaya is Kagetora Uesugi ?

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Hi Sankia!

My pleasure! 

Yes, Hayato knows about Takaya's true identity. I also love the rivalry between Naoe and Hayato! They are so funny! :'D

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Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply

Another thing: Quaint-Twilight posted the first chapter of the vol.18, go quickly read it. He is really great ! : D

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Have to read it! Thank you for the information! ^^

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Thank you

I have to say the exchange between Takaya and Naoe was intense. Especially Naoe’s Jealousy.

It was hard to see Takaya forgetting Yuzuru and even not being able to use Bishamonten.

Kotaru is being really cute with Takaya.. ^_^   I Can hear him purring.  

I wonder how Naoe is going to tell Takaya about the Soul demise. O_o

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Hi sarah3161! :)

Poor Takaya, he doesn't know yet what's happening in his body... It must be very confusing to him! D: In next volume Naoe is facing angry Takaya and telling the truth about everything... Can't wait!  :)

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