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Also known as: kongou-sho (金剛杵)

A mystical indestructible weapon in Buddhism and Hinduism which destroys ignorance. In Hindu mythology, this weapon was made out of the spine of the sage Dadhichi, who sacrificed himself so that this weapon could be created to kill Vitrasur, who had conquered heaven and terrorized gods.

In tantric rituals, the vajra, held in the right hand, symbolizes the male principle while the bell, held in the left hand, symbolizes the female principle; their interaction leads to enlightenment.

Vajrasekhara Sutra (金剛頂経)

Also known as: Kongocho-kyo, Diamond Crown Sutra

One of the basic Buddhist sutras of Esoteric Buddhism, particularly the Shingon school. The sutra details the rituals used to actualize the Dharma ("Way of Higher Truths") to become a buddha, including such practices as meditating upon the full moon and the use of certain mantras.

Van der Veer Island (ヴァン・ダー・ヴィーア島)

Van der Veer Island is a tropical volcanic island located in the territory of Cimarron. It's about 100 kilometers in diameter and has lots of hot springs and a sea rich in seafood. Its main industry is tourism, and it is famous for its yearly Fire Festival. The demon sword Morgif was discovered in a hot spring on the island.

Voltaire (ヴォルテール地方)

Voltaire is a territory located in the eastern part of Shinma Kingdom and is governed by the von Voltaire family (currently Gwendal von Voltaire).