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Watari-jou (亘理城)

A castle contructed in Mutsu Province by Watari Motomune, a vassal of the Date Clan. The castle was later held by Katakura Kagetsuna, then Date Shigezane (1602).

Wolfram von Bielefelt (フォンビーレフェルト卿ヴォルフラム)

Also called: Wolf
Titles: Lord, Excellency, Highness (former)
Race: Mazoku

Youngest son of Cäcilie von Spitzweg, the former Maou. He looks to be around Yuuri's age, but is actually 82 at the start of the story. He has glowing blond hair, emerald eyes, and a sonorous alto voice. Yuuri describes him as a girls' manga-style pretty boy who looks like an angel or a member of the Vienna Boys' Choir, but acts like a spoiled Pooh (Yuuri's half-ironic abbreviation for "PUrinsu," or "prince"). Wolfram is very proud of his Mazoku heritage and shows deep contempt for all humans, including (on the surface) his brother Conrad.

According to Günter, Wolfram inherited Fire Sorcery from his mother and is one of the top practitioners in the kingdom.