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Asada (朝田)

Asada is the Managing Director of Nikkou Industries, a Fukuoka-based client of Hazama Confectionery. Hazama and Naoe are on their way to have dinner with him and his wife at the Royal Hotel in Nakanoshima when they are attacked by a kanshousha.

Hazama Shigeharu (狭間繁治)

Hazama Shigeharu is president and CEO of Hazama Confectionery, a mainstay of the confectionery business. It was established by Shigeharu's grandfather in Osaka about 50 years ago to produce traditional Japanese confectionery, and its operations expanded in Shigeharu's time to make snacks for children as well as soft drinks and flavorings. The company owns three branch offices (including one in Sapporo) and ten factories nationwide; its headquarters is located in a ten-story business in central Osaka. However, due to a botched attempt to expand into cosmetics during the economic bubble (1986 - 1991), the company is now teetering on the edge of bankruptcy with its president looking for a way to save his company and the livelihood of his employees.

Hazama is admired among his employees; Naoe's friend Okumura describes him as "a man among men: a true leader who's even stronger and more trustworthy in times of crisis than of smooth sailing." He hires Tachibana Yoshiaki as a bodyguard via Okumura's reference, ostensibly because he is dreaming of a princess from antiquity, but more truly because he is being targeted by the Ikkou Sect for owning the Corpse-hair Mandala, a relic containing the onryou of the Araki Clan. As cover, Naoe works for Hazama as his secretary. Like Okumura, he comes to admire Hazama.

Hazama speaks the Kansai dialect. He lives with his wife, who is in poor health, in Ashiya.

Kawada (川田)

Hazama Confectionery's head secretary. He works on the top floor of the company headquarters in Osaka and oversees Hazama Shigeharu's secretaries (eight total, not including Tachibana Yoshiaki).

Okumura (奥村)

A high school friend of Tachibana Yoshiaki whose family also owns a temple. He studied Buddhism in college to obtain his monk's license, but decided to work in a company after graduation instead. He currently works as a secretary for Hazama Shigeharu, whom he admires, at Hazama Confectionery. He recommends Naoe to Hazama when Hazama begins dreaming of a princess from antiquity.

Otsuta (お蔦)

Haruie's name two hundred years ago, when she was first (reluctantly) reborn as a woman after losing her body in battle. She broke off all contact with her kin and wandered the country as a samisen player. She later meets Sone Shintarou in Kyoto and falls in love with him.

"Tsuta" (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) is a flowering vine in the grape family known variously as Boston Ivy, grape ivy, and Japanese ivy.

Saitou (斉藤)

Leader of a delegation from Sankou Foods who visits CEO Hazama at Hazama Confectionery's headquarters in Osaka to conclude negotiations for one of their factories.

Tachibana Yoshiaki (橘義明)

Birthday: May 3
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood type: AB
Possessed by: Naoe Nobutsuna.

The current incarnation of Naoe, who is the third son of the Tachibana family and a monk of Shingon-shu Buzan-ha at the Kougen Temple in Utsunomiya. He is about twelve years older than Takaya.