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Sensai-bashi (千歳橋)

Lit.: Thousand-Year-Old Bridge; bridge across the Metoba River on Daimyochou Avenue which leads to Matsumoto Castle.

Shijou Oohashi (四条大橋)

A busy four-arched steel girder bridge which spans the Kamo Riverview map location in Kyoto. According to Yasaka Shrine's records, the original bridge was built in 1142 from temple-solicited funds. The bridge was rebuilt and widened numerous times in subsequent years after being damaged or swept away by floods.

A stone bridge was constructed in 1857 during the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate, and a iron one replaced it in 1874 with a toll enacted to amortize construction costs. Upon the opening of the Kyoto Municipal Railway in 1913 and the widening of the highway, the bridge was rebuilt with arches using reinforced concrete. However, the 1934 Muroto typhoon and June floods of 1935 caused driftwood and other debris to block the arches, resulting in additional water damage to the surround areas. The Kamo River was dredged and the current bridge built in 1942.