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Asaoka Inn (浅岡旅館)

A Japanese-style inn owned by Asaoka Maiko's family located on the banks Lake Chuuzenjiview map location. It has two stories, with the second affording a gorgeous view of the lake.

Blood Pledge Castle (血盟城)

The castle of the Maou, so named because of the vow made by the earth spirits to the Shinou: should the castle be occupied by any save the Maou, their blood would be taken in compensation for their crime. Said to be the royal castle which is impregnable.

The castle has three floors (five floors in one section) and 252 rooms, with long stairs and tall ceilings. It also has a barracks of 4500 full-time soldiers.

Cavalcade (カヴァルケード)

A human kingdom neighboring Shinma Kingdom by sea, it is hostile towards Shinma at the beginning.

Cimarron (シマロン)

A human kingdom which is hostile towards Shinma Kingdom at the beginning of the story. The demon sword Morgif was discovered on one of its islands, Van der Veer Island.

Grantz (グランツ地方)

Grantz is located on the northern tip of Shinma Kingdom and is the birthplace of Adalbert von Grantz.

Hildyard (ヒルドヤード)

A human kingdom neighboring Shinma Kingdom by sea, Hildyard is the only country with diplomatic ties to Shinma Kingdom from the beginning of the story. It takes around three days by ship to reach Hildyard from the Shinma territory of Voltaire.

Jouhoku (城北)

Lit: "castle-north"; the name of the high school at which Narita Yuzuru and Ougi Takaya are 2nd-year students, located in Matsumoto City. Likely fictional. However, the manga implies that the real-life equivalent is Fukashi High (深志高) view map location, which is indeed "north of the (Matsumoto) Castle".

School begins in May. Some of the classes Takaya takes are: Classical Literature, Modern Japanese, English, Math, Physics, P.E. and an art elective with choices of Fine Arts, Music, and Calligraphy. Takaya and Yuzuru both take Fine Arts. Their day is divided into Periods, with one class per Period. It sounds like classes rotate into different Periods as the week progresses; for example, in Volume 2 chapter 4, Chiaki tells Takaya that the Math teacher assigned him a problem for Second Period today, because he wasn't there for First Period yesterday.

Karbelnikoff (カーベルニコフ)

Karbelnikoff is a territory located in the southern part of Shinma Kingdom and is governed by the von Karbelnikoff family (currently Densham von Karbelnikoff). It is a resort destination known for its white sand beaches and arid wind, and its primary industry is tourism. It is divided from the Human territory of Conanxia by a wide river on its southern border.

Shinma Kingdom (眞魔国)

Lit. "True Demon Kingdom"; the kingdom of the Mazoku of which Yuuri is king, founded by the Shinou after he defeated the Soushu. Divided into the terrories under direct control of the Maou and those ruled by the Ten Aristocratic Houses. Its human-shaped population is about 50 million, but also has a great variety of other races, such as the Kotsuhizoku.

The name "Shinma Kingdom" is actually an abbreviation; its true name is "the kingdom founded by the great Shinou and the powerful, wise, and courageous Mazoku who—ah, it must not be forgotten are said to be the origin of everything in the world—defeated the Soushu and his army to their eternal glory" (偉大なる眞王とその民たる魔族に栄えあれああ世界の全ては我等魔族から始まったのだということを忘れてはならない創主たちをも打ち倒した力と叡知と勇気をもって魔族の繁栄は永遠なるものなり王国).

Sondergaard (ソンダーガード)

A human kingdom neighboring Shinma Kingdom by sea, it is hostile towards Shinma at the beginning.

Suvellera (スヴェレラ)

A Human country which lies south of Shinma Kingdom across a wide river.

Van der Veer Island (ヴァン・ダー・ヴィーア島)

Van der Veer Island is a tropical volcanic island located in the territory of Cimarron. It's about 100 kilometers in diameter and has lots of hot springs and a sea rich in seafood. Its main industry is tourism, and it is famous for its yearly Fire Festival. The demon sword Morgif was discovered in a hot spring on the island.

Voltaire (ヴォルテール地方)

Voltaire is a territory located in the eastern part of Shinma Kingdom and is governed by the von Voltaire family (currently Gwendal von Voltaire).