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Izu-hantou (伊豆半島)

Izu Peninsula, located to the west of Tokyo, was formerly part of Izu Province and is today a part of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is known for its hot springs and is a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Manaduru-hantou (真鶴半島)

Manaduru Peninsula is a small peninsula located in Kanagawa Prefecture. At its tip is a well-known scenic spot, the Mitsu-ishi (Three Rocks). The stretch of ocean from the tip of Manaduru Peninsula to the tip of Miura Peninsula is Sagami Bay.

Miura-hantou (三浦半島)

Miura Peninsula is a peninsula located in Kanagawa Prefecture south of Yokohama and Tokyo. It lies between Tokyo Bay to the east and Sagami Bay to the west.