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Chikuma-kawa (千曲川)

Lit. "River of a Thousand Songs"; A river 367 kilometers (228 miles) in length which runs through Nagano Prefecture.

Daimonzawa-gawa (大門沢川)

Lit: Great Gates Marsh River; one of the principle rivers of Matsumoto. Although small, it flows through the heart of Matsumoto and is intimately known to its residents. Its head lies at Keshibouzu-yama, and at its tail joins with Narai River.

Hirose-gawa (広瀬川)

A river that flows around Aoba Castle and Sendai City.

Jinzuu-gawa (神通川)

Also written as: Jintsuu River, Jinduu River

A primary river, 120 km in length, which flows from Mount Kaore in Gifu Prefecture (where it is called the Miya River) northward into Toyama Bay in Toyama Prefecture. Matsu River is one of its tributaries.


A 31 km (~19 miles) long class A (protected) river which flows through the city of Kyoto.


Lit.: "Pine River"; a tributary of the Jinzuu River in Toyama Prefecture which separates from the main river near Nunose Town. A line of pine trees once stood along its banks; sakura (cherry) trees have now replaced them. Many of the surrounding areas have "sakura" in their name, such as Sakura Bridge Avenue, Sakura Town, New Sakura Town and Sakura Tree Town.

Metoba-gawa (女鳥羽川)

Lit. "female bird feather river"; a river that runs through Matsumoto City.

Narai-gawa (奈良井川)

Lit: Nara Well River; A river of 56.3 km which flows from the Central Japanese Alps into Nagano Prefecture and through Matsumoto City from east to west.

Nibbashi-gawa (日橋川)

A river which runs through the center of Fukushima Prefecture in a north-westerly direction.

Seto-gawa (瀬戸川)

A river which flows through Seto City in Aichi Prefecture. It is known for the pottery shops along its banks.