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Ferris University (フェリス女学院大学)

A private women's university founded in 1870 and established as a university in 1965, located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Its motto is "for others".

Fukashi Chuugakkou (深志中学校)

Fukashi Junior High (a fictional school) is where Takaya and Yuzuru attended junior high. Takaya had a reputation as a trouble student there. He and Yuzuru were in the same class in their first year and in different classes in their second year. Takaya started skipping school about midway through his first year, after his parents divorced.

Kayama was in Yuzuru's class in second year, and Yokomori and Ichinose were a year above them.

Jouhoku (城北)

Lit: "castle-north"; the name of the high school at which Narita Yuzuru and Ougi Takaya are 2nd-year students, located in Matsumoto City. Likely fictional. However, the manga implies that the real-life equivalent is Fukashi High (深志高) view map location, which is indeed "north of the (Matsumoto) Castle".

School begins in May. Some of the classes Takaya takes are: Classical Literature, Modern Japanese, English, Math, Physics, P.E. and an art elective with choices of Fine Arts, Music, and Calligraphy. Takaya and Yuzuru both take Fine Arts. Their day is divided into Periods, with one class per Period. It sounds like classes rotate into different Periods as the week progresses; for example, in Volume 2 chapter 4, Chiaki tells Takaya that the Math teacher assigned him a problem for Second Period today, because he wasn't there for First Period yesterday.

Shinshuu Daigaku (信州大学)

Also known as: Shindai (信大)

Shinshuu University is a Japanese national university located in Nagano Prefecture with five campuses, one of which is located in Matsumoto City. It was founded in 1949. The Arts and Humanities, Medicine, and Science departments are located in Matsumoto.

Tokyo Zokei University (東京造形大学)

Tokyo Zokei University is a private art college located in Hachiouji City, Tokyo. It was established in 1966 by Kuwasawa Youko of the Kuwasawa Design Institute. The university was originally built in Moto-Hachiouji-machi. The entire campus was moved to Utsunuki-machi in 1993, apparently because of a large-scale modification of the campus building contract and design.

Uozu Shiritsu Oomachi Shougakkou (魚津市立大町小学校)

A private elementary school located in Uozu City which stands on the former site of Uozu Castle. It was established in 1873 as Uozu's first junior high school with Choukyou Temple as its temporary base. The new school buildings were built in 1879 at its current location. It became an elementary school in 1883.

The campus holds several monuments, including a stone monument from the ruins of Uozu Castle and one containing a tanka poem composed by Kenshin and erected in December, 1940.