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Iroha-zaka (いろは坂)

Iroha Hill Road is a Japanese national highway (no. 120) which connects Nikkou's Umagae district to the banks of Lake Chuuzenji. The road, actually consisting of two one-way paths, is famous for its hairpin curves. Iroha Hill One, which goes from Lake Chuuzenji to Umagae, contains 28 curves, while Iroha Hill Two, going in the opposite direction, contains 20 curves. Iroha Hill One was established in 1954, Iroha Hill Two in 1965.

The name "Iroha" comes from the poem of the same name which uses each character of the Japanese hiragana exactly once; each of the 48 curves in the road is named after the character which it resembles.

Midou-suji (御堂筋)

The primary thoroughfare of central Osaka, Midou Boulevard runs north-south and boasts ultra high-class stores and hotels.

Nawate-doori (なわて通り)

A street running along the northern bank of the Metoba River in Matsumoto full of small old-fashioned shops.

Yotsubashi-suji (四つ橋筋)

"Yotsubashi-suji," or "Four Bridges Boulevard," is a nickname for the Osaka North-South Road. It is a major street running north-south through central Osaka.