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Megohime (愛姫)
1568 - 1563

Also known as: Yoshihime, Youtokuin (陽徳院)

Only daughter of Tamura Kiyoaki who married Date Masamune in 1579 at the age of 12. An assassination attempt against Masamune caused him to suspect the Tamura clan, and he ordered the executions of Megohime's nurse and several of her attendants. Their marital relations became strained by these events, but were eventually mended, and Megohime gave Masamune four children, including his heir Date Tadamune.

She lived at the Date mansion in the court of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and acted as her husband's diplomat to the court. In 1636, at the death of Masamune, Megohime became a nun and took the Buddhist name of Youtokuin.