Glossary: Mouri Hidehiro

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Mouri Hidehiro (毛利秀広)
? - 1581

A vassal of the Uesugi Clan who supported Uesugi Kagetora at the onset of the Otate no Ran, but defected to Uesugi Kagekatsu's side when promised reward by Yasuda Akimoto. He served a large role in the negotiations with Takeda Katsuyori. However, at the conclusion of the war he was not given the reward he was promised. Learning that the reason was advice from Yamazaki Hidenori, a Confucian scholar close to Kagekatsu, he assaulted and killed Hidenori at Kasugayama Castle as he was engaged in conversation with Naoe Nobutsuna. Naoe was also stabbed to death by Hidehiro. Hidehiro was then cut down by Iwai Nobuyoshi and Tozaka Hiroshige, who happened to be present.