Glossary: Zuihouden

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Zuihouden (瑞鳳殿)

The mausoleum where Date Masamune is enshrined, located in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. It was built in the year after his death according to his last will and testament by the next lord of Sendai-han, Date Tadamune. It was designated a national treasure in 1931.

However, the mausoleum sustained massive damage from an airstrike by the US Air Force on July 10, 1945 during strategic bombings in World War II. It was burned down in a fire, along with the Kansenden of Sendai-han's second-generation lord, Date Tadamune and the Zenouden of Sendai-han's third-generation lord, Date Tsunamune.

There was dispute over the reconstruction of the mausoleum, but reconstruction began in 1974 and finished in 1979. During excavation of the site, Date Masamune's remains and burial accessories were discovered.