Timeline: Mirage of Blaze

Pre-Otate no Ran

Feb. 7, 1568 (historical)
Irobe Katsunaga dies laying siege to Honjou Shigenaga's castle.
Apr. 15, 1578 (historical)
Uesugi Kenshin collapses at Kasugayama Castle.

Otate no Ran: Echigo

Apr. 19, 1578 (historical)
Uesugi Kenshin dies without regaining consciousness and without naming an heir.
Apr. 20, 1578 (historical)
Kakizaki Haruie is killed (according to one account) by Uesugi Kagekatsu's faction.
Apr. 30, 1578 (historical)
Uesugi Kagekatsu proclaims himself the heir to the Uesugi Clan and attacks Kagetora at Kasugayama Castle.
Jun. 10, 1578 (historical)
Kagekatsu and Kagetora's forces clash in Jouetsu City while hostilities continue in Kasugayama Castle.
Jun. 18, 1578 (historical)
Kagetora retreats from Kasugayama Castle to the Otate and requests aid from Houjou Ujimasa and the Houjou Clan.
Jul. 4, 1578 (historical)
Takeda Katsuyori's reinforcements, requested by the Houjou, arrive on the Echigo-Shinshuu border.
Jul. 16, 1578 (historical)
Takeda Katsuyori breaks his alliance with the Houjou and enters into alliance with Kagekatsu. Kagekatsu takes Noumine Castle.
Aug. 2, 1578 (historical)
Katsuyori concludes his negotiations with Kagekatsu.
Sep. 29, 1578 (historical)
Katsuyori withdraws.
Oct., 1578
Houjou Ujiteru and Houjou Ujikuni set out for Echigo.
Winter, 1578
The Houjou forces retreat.
Jan., 1579
Kagekatsu marries Katsuyori's sister.
Feb. 27, 1579 (historical)
Kagekatsu attacks Kagetora at the Otate. Kitajou Kagehiro is killed, Kagetora escapes with his family.
Apr. 13, 1579 (historical)
Uesugi Norimasa and Kagetora's eldest son are killed by Kagekatsu's troops while on their way to negotiate for peace.
Apr. 19, 1579 (historical)
Uesugi Kagetora, betrayed by Horie Munechika at Samegao Castle, commits suicide with his family.

Post-Otate no Ran

Oct. 6, 1581 (approx)
Naoe Nobutsuna is killed at Kasugayama Castle.
Mar. 3, 1582 (historical)
Uozu Castle is besieged.
May. 8, 1582 (historical)
Yasuda Nagahide dies of illness (according to one account).
Jun. 21, 1582 (historical)
Akechi Mitsuhide's forces kill Oda Nobunaga at Honnou Temple.
Jun. 22, 1582 (historical)
Uozu Castle's 13 Uesugi commanders commit suicide, and the castle falls to Oda forces.
Mar. 19, 1623 (historical)
Uesugi Kagekatsu dies.


1961 (approx)
Naoe forces Kagetora to take possession of Minako's body. Naoe, Kagetora, Nagahide, and Haruie die in the battle against Oda Nobunaga.
May. 3, 1963, Friday
Naoe Nobutsuna is born as Tachibana Yoshiaki.


1970 (approx)
Naoe regains contact with Irobe Katsunaga.
May. 3, 1971, Monday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 8.
Dec. 9, 1971, Thursday
Kakizaki Haruie is born as Kadowaki Ayako.
Apr. 1, 1972, Saturday
Chiaki Shuuhei is born.
May. 3, 1972, Wednesday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 9.
Dec. 9, 1972, Saturday
Ayako turns 1.
Apr. 1, 1974, Monday
Chiaki turns 2.
May. 3, 1974, Friday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 11.
Jul. 23, 1974, Tuesday
Uesugi Kagetora is born as Ougi Takaya.
Narita Yuzuru is born.
Dec. 9, 1974, Monday
Ayako turns 3.
Hatayama Satoshi is born.


1984 (approx)
The «Yami-Sengoku» flares up.
Apr. 1, 1986, Tuesday
Chiaki turns 14.
1986 (approx)
Takaya's father's business fails, and he becomes alcoholic and abusive.
May. 3, 1986, Saturday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 23.
Jul. 23, 1986, Wednesday
Takaya turns 12.
Dec. 9, 1986, Tuesday
Ayako turns 15.
Apr. 1, 1987, Wednesday
Chiaki turns 15.
Apr. 2, 1987, Thursday (approx)
Takaya and Yuzuru start their first year at Fukashi Junior High.
Spring, 1987
Takaya's mother divorces his father and leaves. The Family Court rules that Takaya and Miya should stay with their father.
May. 3, 1987, Sunday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 24.
Jul. 23, 1987, Thursday
Takaya turns 13.

Exaudi Nos (Exaudi Nos): Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Nagasaki

Aug. 24, 1987, Monday (approx)
Naoe visits Irobe at the hospital and meets Ayako, then picks up his brother towards evening and meets Akai.
Aug. 25, 1987, Tuesday (approx)
Back in Utsunomiya, Naoe probes the Kwannon statue and discovers that it's a Maria Kwannon. He goes out with his brother that night and has a dream of Kagetora and Minako.
Aug. 26, 1987, Wednesday (approx)
Naoe goes to Nagasaki and discovers the true history of Ernando Torabas.


Winter, 1987 (stated)
  • Takaya takes a trip to Sendai to see his mother after she remarries.
  • Takaya meets Mitsui.
Dec. 9, 1987, Wednesday
Ayako turns 16.

Gunjou (Gunjou): Odawara, Hakone

Mar. 17, 1988, Thursday (approx)
The onryou of those who had died in battle against the Houjou at the Kawagoe Engagement rouse, killing several ordinary people. Houjou Ujikuni is sent to subjugate them.
Mar. 18, 1988, Friday (approx)
Mar. 19, 1988, Saturday (approx)
Mar. 20, 1988, Sunday (approx)
  • At dawn, the Satomi assassins destroy part of Souun Temple and injure several people at Ryokan Street.
  • Ujiteru summons a spirit-fog over Hakone, foiling the assassins' mind-projection attacks.
Mar. 21, 1988, Monday (approx)
The Satomi assassins send Ujimasa a message in a wooden box. They then sever the cable of the Hakone Ropeway and destroy the Hakone Tozan Railway, killing many people.
Mar. 22, 1988, Tuesday (approx)
Tsunashige and Ujiteru lure Matsuda Katsuhide to Oowaku Valley and fight him there, while Ujimasa duels Matsuda Takahide at the Houjou estate at Hakone by Lake Ashi. Ujimasa learns of what the Matsuda brothers and their followers did to his brother Saburou. Both Katsuhide and Takahide's souls are destroyed by the Houjou guardian spirit-lions.
Mar. 29, 1988, Tuesday (approx)
Tsunashige leaves the hospital and meets Ujiteru at the summit of Komagatake.


Apr. 4, 1988, Monday (approx)
Takaya and Yuzuru start their second year at Fukashi Junior High.
1988 (approx)
Houjou Tsunashige is killed in battle at Kawagoe.

Saiai no Anata e (Itetsuita Tsubasa): Matsumoto

Nov. 2, 1988, Wednesday (approx)
Miya goes to stay with the Sakurais.
Nov. 9, 1988, Wednesday (approx)
Takaya chances on Yuzuru crying over his bird's grave on the night he decides to kill his father.
Nov. 11, 1988, Friday (approx)
Takaya shows up at school and gets into a fight with Yokomori and company.
Nov. 21, 1988, Monday (approx)
  • Takaya visits his sister and Mrs. Sakurai. Miya meets Yuzuru for the first time. Takaya rejects Yuzuru's offer to stay with him.
  • Mitsui assaults Takaya at the garage.
Nov. 22, 1988, Tuesday (approx)
  • Yuzuru goes to get Takaya at Mitsui's garage in the morning, and they have ramen together.
  • Kasai visits Takaya and promises to speak with his father.
  • Takaya runs off to Mitsui's garage when he hears that his gang had beat up Yokomori and company.
Nov. 23, 1988, Wednesday (approx)
Takaya goes to school and is summoned by Oonuki. He leaves and visits Yuzuru, who is home with a cold.
Dec. 24, 1988, Saturday (stated)
Takaya and Miya are back at home after Kasai talks to their father. They're in the midst of decorating a Christmas tree when Takaya receives a call from Kayama that Mitsui had been arrested for selling drugs and then is arrested himself on charges of the same.
Dec. 25, 1988, Sunday (stated)
Takaya is cleared of all charges, and his father, Yuzuru, Miya, and Kasai come to the police station get him.
Jan. 7, 1989, Saturday (approx)
Near the end of winter break, Takaya comes to visit Yuzuru and pray at the grave of his bird.


Apr. 3, 1989, Monday (approx)
Takaya and Yuzuru start their third year at Fukashi Junior High.
Apr. 2, 1990, Monday (approx)
Takaya, Yuzuru, and Saori start their first year of senior high school at Jouhoku High.
Jul. 23, 1990, Monday (stated)
Takaya turns 16.
Apr. 1, 1991, Monday (stated)
Chiaki turns 19.
Apr. 2, 1991, Tuesday (approx)
Takaya, Yuzuru, and Saori start their second year of senior high school at Jouhoku High.
May. 3, 1991, Friday
Naoe (Tachibana Yoshiaki) turns 28.

Volume 1: Matsumoto

May. 7, 1991, Tuesday (stated)
The Maenduka is destroyed, releasing the seal on Takeda Shingen, who possesses Narita Yuzuru.
May. 9, 1991, Thursday
  • Takaya and Yuzuru meet Yuiko.
  • Naoe sees Takaya for the first time.
May. 10, 1991, Friday
  • Takaya visits Yuiko with Saori at the hospital.
  • Naoe exorcises Takeda onryou at Yuzuru's house.
  • Takaya sees Naoe for the first time.
May. 11, 1991, Saturday (stated)
  • Saori visits Yuiko at the hospital.
  • Naoe and Takaya visit Saijo-yama, then Yuzuru's house.
May. 12, 1991, Sunday (stated)
Saori and Yuiko go sightseeing.
May. 13, 1991, Monday (stated)
Saori, under Sanjou-no-Kata's command, removes the talisman bracelet from Yuzuru after school. Takaya and Naoe perform «choubuku» on Sanjou-no-Kata and drive Shingen out of Yuzuru.
May. 14, 1991, Tuesday
Takaya and Naoe perform choubuku on the remaining Takeda onryou. Naoe leaves Matsumoto.

Volume 2: Matsumoto

May. 31, 1991, Friday (approx)
Ghosts appear at Jouhoku High.
Jun. 5, 1991, Wednesday (approx)
  • Takaya spotlight-races against Ayako on his way to school. Chiaki shows up at Jouhoku High.
  • Naoe meets Takaya and Ayako at Jouhoku High after school, and they go out to celebrate their reunion.
Jun. 6, 1991, Thursday (approx)
  • Yuzuru collapses.
  • The baseball team members are injured by shattering glass.
Jun. 7, 1991, Friday (approx)
  • Takaya, Naoe, Ayako, and Saori visit the Giminduka.
  • Takaya confronts Chiaki after school.
  • Takaya, Naoe, Ayako, Chiaki, and Yuzuru battle Ranmaru at the school.
Jun. 10, 1991, Monday (approx)
Naoe and Takaya view the sunset at Jouzan Park.

Shinku no Hata wo Hirugaese (Hutari Botan): Matsumoto

Jun. 15, 1991, Saturday (approx)
Chiaki gives Takaya his first lesson in nendouryoku.
Jun. 17, 1991, Monday (approx)
  • A ghost appears at Jouhoku High, soaking the girls' PE uniforms. Chiaki stays after school to catch her.
  • Naoe meets Takaya at Takaya's part-time job at the gas station.
  • Naoe, Takaya, and Chiaki follow the lantern progression to Matsumoto Castle.
Jun. 18, 1991, Tuesday (approx)
Naoe watches over Matsumoto Castle. Some tourists fall off the stairs.
Jun. 19, 1991, Wednesday (approx)
  • In the early morning Takaya, Naoe, and Chiaki exorcise the spirit at Matsumoto Castle.
  • Takaya and Chiaki dig up the shell lipstick container from behind Jouhoku High's gymnasium after class.
  • That night, Naoe and Takaya drive out to Lake Suwa.


Jun., 1991 (approx)
Around the end of June or the beginning of July, Fuuma ninjas steal the ‘Tsutsuga Mirror’ from Toushou Shrine for the Houjou.

Volumes 3-4: Sendai and Yamagata

Jun. 25, 1991, Tuesday (approx)
Naoe starts tailing Ueshima in Yamagata.
Jun. 29, 1991, Saturday
Takaya receives a call from Naoe asking him to go to Sendai.
Jul. 1, 1991, Monday
Jul. 2, 1991, Tuesday
  • Kokuryou begins training Takaya.
  • Naoe is captured at Mogami's mansion.
Jul. 3, 1991, Wednesday
Jul. 4, 1991, Thursday
Jul. 5, 1991, Friday
Ayako calls Chiaki for help after going into Yamagata and hearing about the explosion of Naoe's car.
Jul. 6, 1991, Saturday
Jul. 7, 1991, Sunday
  • Chiaki and Ayako battle Yoshiyasu and Kousaka. Yoshiyasu abandons his first spiritual vessel and possesses another in order to escape.
  • Naoe joins Takaya, Chiaki, Ayako, and Yuzuru in Sendai.
Jul. 8, 1991, Monday
Jul. 9, 1991, Tuesday
The Yasha-shuu hunt down Mogami Yoshiaki at Aoba Castle in the early morning. The Date army destroys the Nanbu and Oosaki Clans, and sends Satake into retreat.
Jul. 11, 1991, Thursday
Takaya, Naoe, and Ayako visit Kokuryou at the hospital.
Jul. 12, 1991, Friday
  • Chiaki and Yuzuru leave for Matsumoto.
  • Takaya, Naoe, and Ayako visit Kokuryou in the morning, then part at Sendai Station: Ayako for Akita on the rail, and Naoe and Takaya for Tokyo on the bullet train. Takaya's mother comes to see him off at the station.

Gunjou (Sichigetsu Ikimare no Sirius): Tokyo

Jul. 23, 1991, Tuesday (stated)
Takaya turns 17.
Jul. 25, 1991, Thursday (stated)
  • After exorcising Ashina Moriuji, Naoe and Takaya have dinner at a small Japanese restaurant in Tokyo.
  • Chiaki, Yuzuru, and Miya arrive to celebrate Takaya's birthday.

Volume 5: Nara

Aug. 1, 1991, Thursday (approx)
Chiaki and Takaya arrive in Nara towards evening.
Aug. 2, 1991, Friday (approx)
Aug. 3, 1991, Saturday (approx)
  • Takaya and Naoe pay a visit to Kizaki Mieko.
  • In the meantime, Chiaki protects Nagi from attack at her home.
  • Chiaki and Nagi visit Chougosonshi Temple.
  • Takaya and Naoe rendezvous with Chiaki at Nagi's house, then visit Kuuhachi-san, where they are attacked by an unknown opponent. Chiaki remains behind to guard Nagi at her house.
  • Takaya and Naoe get back to the hotel around 8 pm.
Aug. 4, 1991, Sunday (approx)

Saiai no Anata e (Saiai no Anata e): Uozu, Toyama

Aug. 7, 1991, Wednesday (approx)
  • Naoe invites Takaya to go on a road trip to Toyama Prefecture.
  • Around 8:30 p.m. that night, they meet the Lady in White and the 13 Uesugi Generals at Uozu Castle.
Aug. 8, 1991, Thursday (approx)
  • A little past midnight Naoe and Takaya follow the sounds of weeping to the 'Sandy Basin Embankment' and see Sayuri.
  • In the morning, they investigate and learn of the legend of Sayuri.
  • Back at the embankment, they see Kousaka Danjou. They go to a tea house, and he tells them of the Ikkou Sect laying a trap for Sassa Narimasa.
  • That night they receive a visit from Shimozuma Rairen and Shimozuma Raishou of the Ikkou Sect, who ask them not to interfere in their battle with Narimasa.
Aug. 9, 1991, Friday (approx)
Sassa Narimasa enters Toyama in the early hours of the morning. Takaya and Naoe go to meet him at Toyama Castle. Though knowing of the trap by the Ikkou Sect, Narimasa goes to meet Sayuri anyway and is killed. Sayuri and Narimasa both cross over. Shimozuma Raishou provokes a fight with the Yasha-shuu and is exorcised.


Summer, 1991
Morino Saori works at the Narita Dental Office for the summer.
Aug. 19, 1991, Monday (approx)
Naoe buys a Toyota Windom to replace the Cefiro he totaled during the Yamagata trip.

Volumes 6-8: Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Nikkou, Odawara, Hakone, Matsumoto

Aug. 25, 1991, Sunday
Obu Toramasa, sent by Takeda Shingen to retrieve the Tsutsuga Mirror stolen by the Houjou, is killed by an assassin of the Houjou. Shingen charges Kousaka Danjou with the task.
Aug. 28, 1991, Wednesday (stated)
Asaoka Shinya's visage appears in the rightmost sacred cedar at Futarasan Shrine.
Aug. 29, 1991, Thursday (stated)
Morino Saori arrives in Tokyo to visit Takeda Yuiko.
Aug. 30, 1991, Friday (stated)
Aug. 31, 1991, Saturday (stated)
  • Takaya, Chiaki, Yuzuru, and Ayako arrive in Tokyo to investigate the haunting at Toshima Amusement Park in response to Saori's call for help. They exorcise Toshima Itsu. Takaya and Chiaki fight, and Takaya goes off on his own.
  • Meanwhile, Naoe meets Maiko at Toubu Nikkou Station, and they go together to visit Asaoka Shinya at his hospital, where Naoe discovers that Shinya's soul is missing from his body. They hear about a jumper at Kegon Falls, and Naoe goes to investigate. He meets Kousaka Danjou there, who takes them to Futarasan Shrine to see Shinya's soul trapped in one of three sacred trees there. They meet Katakura Kojuurou Kagetsuna at the shrine, and he relates to them the story of the 'Tsutsuga Mirror.'
  • Naoe is injured by a tsutsuga as he and Kojuurou drive Maiko home. He is taken to the hospital, then accepts a room at Maiko's inn.
Sep. 1, 1991, Sunday (stated)
  • Sometime past midnight, Takaya fights a group of college students in front of Koma Theater. Afterwards, he accepts Ujiteru's offer to go with him.
  • A second face is discovered in the leftmost of the sacred trees at Futarasan Shrine in the morning, and Kojuurou goes to the shrine to investigate while Naoe is laid up with a fever from his wound.
  • Later that day, Ujiteru takes Takaya to Odawara Castle and Miyuki Beach. Takaya refuses to go back to the Houjou and is sealed by Ujiteru within the female 'Tsutsuga Mirror.'
  • That night, Naoe calls Ayako at her home in Yokohama from the public telephone at Asaoka Inn and learns of Takaya's disappearance. He later sees Takaya's face in the mirror and leaves for Odawara.
  • Ayako hears of Yuzuru's abduction from Chiaki.
Sep. 2, 1991, Monday (stated)
  • Naoe, having driven through the night, arrives at Hakone Shrine, where he meets Houjou Ujiteru. Ujiteru takes Naoe to his estate on the opposite side of the lake and allows him to see Takaya's soulless body.
  • Ayako rides through the night from Yokohama on her motorcyle and arrives at Asaoka Inn around dawn, where she meets with Kojuurou and Kousaka.
  • Ujiteru meets with Tooyama Yasuhide, a messenger from his brother Houjou Ujimasa, who tells Ujiteru that his father Houjou Ujiyasu commands the tree-binding of his younger brother Saburou.
  • Kagetora communicates with Ayako through the mirror in her room at Asaoka Inn and tells her to expect a visitor. Ayako spends the rest of the day hunting tsutsuga in Nikkou, but in vain.
  • Takaya finds Yuzuru at Houjou Ujimasa's mansion but is unable to communicate with him. Date Kojirou and Mori Ranmaru begin the ritual to draw out Yuzuru's power.
  • Takaya appears in the mirror of Houjou Ujimasa's bedchamber. After refusing once more to join the Houjou, he shatters the mirror.
  • Tooyama arrives back in Nikkou that evening and meets with Ujimasa before adjourning to a hotel in Kinugawa. Kagetora haunts the mirrors in his room and forces him to betray the Houjou.
  • Chasing Yuzuru's trail, Chiaki arrives at Asaoka Inn. He and Ayako meet with Tooyama.
  • Back at Ujiteru's estate, Naoe offers to join the Houjou. He accepts Ujiteru's condition that he dispose of Takaya's body as proof of his loyalty. Later, he takes a walk along Laki Ashi and breaks his prayer beads, keeping only the centerpiece. Kotarou finds him there, and they converse.
Sep. 3, 1991, Tuesday (stated)
  • Tooyama summons Kotarou to a meeting in Motohakone and tells him that Ujiyasu commands the retrieval of the male Tsutsuga Mirror. Kotarou agrees to take him to the place where the Mirror is hidden.
  • In the morning, Chiaki and Kojuurou mount an assault on Ujimasa's mansion in an attempt to rescue Yuzuru, but the attempt fails when Ranmaru succeeds in awakening Yuzuru's divine power.
  • Naoe disperses the divine protection over Takaya but transfers the pearl from his prayer beads to him in an attempt to keep his body alive.
  • Kotarou takes Tooyama on a walk around Lake Ashi which ends at the Nine-Headed Dragon Shrine. There he shoots Tooyama, killing his body, and sends tsutsuga after him to devour his soul.
  • Naoe disrupts the ceremony to bind Kagetora's soul to the Yatate Cedar at Hakone Shrine and kills Ujiteru and all his men. He goes out to the middle of Lake Ashi with Takaya's body and the female Tsutsuga Mirror, where he intends to sink the mirror to the bottom of the lake with both his soul and Kagetora's inside. Kotarou finds him there and reveals the true nature of the dragon god of the lake: Houjou Ujiyasu. He relays the dragon's offer to allow Naoe to borrow the male Tsutsuga Mirror.