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Chuuou Expressway (中央自動車道)

Lit.: Central Expressway
Also known as: Chuuou Route, Chuuou Highway

A tolled highway crossing central Japan that starts in Tokyo and goes through the prefectures of Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, and Aichi before terminating just short of Nagoya.

National Highway 20 (国道20号)

A highway running across central Japan that starts in the center of Tokyo and ends in Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture.

Seishou Bypass (西湘バイパス)

The Seishou Bypass, or West Shounan Bypass, is a toll road in Kanagawa Prefecture owned and managed by Central Nippon Expressway Company. It is designated as a bypass for National Route 1 and closely follows the coastline of Sagami Bay, facilitating access between the Tokyo urban area and the city of Odawara. It was first opened in 1967 and completed in 1972.

Shutoken Chuuou Renraku Jidoushadou (首都圏中央連絡自動車道)

Also known as: Ken'ou Expressway (Ken'ou-dou/圏央道)

The Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway is a tolled expressway built in an arc around the Tokyo metropolitan area, passing through the prefectures of Kanagawa, Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaraki, and Chiba. Construction started on its first bypass on March 30, 1988, and the expressway was given the designation National Highway Route 468 on April 1, 1993. Construction is expected to continue at least until 2015.

Tokaido (東海道)

The Tokaido, or East Sea Road, was the major highway that connected Edo and Kyoto during the Edo Period. It followed the sea coast of Eastern Honshuu and originally had 53 government rest stations where travelers had to present traveling permits. It was the most important of the five major roads of the Edo Period in Japan, started by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1601 in order to consolidate his power over the country.